• How to dance a waltz?

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    How to dance a waltz?

    Dancing. What better way to reflect your personality and express yourself? We often see people dancing. Many of them do it well. If you see that a person moves beautifully and harmoniously, it means that he owns the dance technique. Today, we will just touch this moment. We will understand how to properly dance a waltz, how to learn it.

    How to waltz - rules and movements

    It's quite a difficult task to talk about how to dance a waltz, but the video on the page will help a lot with this. Waltz is a dance that a couple dances. We have a partner and a partner. It so happened that the partner controls the movements of the partner. However, the partner also needs to know what to do. Let's look at how we stand in a pair.

    How to stand and hold hands

    Partners must be in contact with bodies. Namely, its centers. The densest contact is in the abdomen area. Stand close to each other. The partner should stand with a small offset. If you mentally divide the partner's body into halves, right and left, the partner should be on the right side of the partner. Knees slightly bent, but slightly.Now let's talk a little about our hands to learn how to dance a waltz. The partner’s right arm supports the partner’s left shoulder blade. The partner puts his hand on the scapula and supports his partner's back. No need to attract the body of your partner to yourself, as this is wrong. Simply hold your hand in shape and give freedom to the movements of your partner. Ideally, the partner’s left hand is one line with the shoulder. That is, the hand must be raised to such an extent that it is at shoulder level. Naturally, the arm is bent at the elbow. The partner’s left hand does not place all the weight on the partner’s hand. It is not right. The partner leads the partner, not wearing it. The partner must hold her arm with her muscles. The hand holds the partner’s middle shoulder. Above the elbow, but below the shoulder. No need to cling to a partner, you just need to keep your hand in good shape.

    Now let's talk about other hands. The partner holds his left arm also at shoulder level. Thus, we get a very beautiful and stretched position in the pair. The left hand is bent in the elbow and holds the brush of the partner. The partner holds the partner's brush. Her hand also makes a single line with her shoulder.As a result, we get a closed system, which should be quite rigid, but not clamped. This is the top. Now consider what you need to do with your feet.

    How to move in a waltz

    In any dance, counting and rhythm are important. This will also allow you to dance the waltz well. Waltz should be considered for three strokes in tact. That is, one-two-three, one-two-three. Further we will use this principle. Let's try to dance the movement called "small square". Party partner such. On the count of times, step forward with the right foot. For two, put your left foot on your right foot and rise on your toes (do not unbend your knees to the end, as you can fall). The movement of the second leg to the first and the rise on the toes occurs simultaneously. On the count of three, go down to the starting level. Two legs together. This is the first part of the movement. Further. On the count of times, take a step with your left foot exactly to the side. In the left, of course. On the count of two, pull up the other leg and stand on your toes. All this is together. And on the count of three, go down. Feet together. The third part. Take a left foot a step back at the expense of times. On the count of two, pull up your right leg and stand on your toes. Do it together. Drop down on the count of three. Feet together.And the last part of the movement. Take a step exactly in the direction of your right foot at the expense of times. Pull up your left foot and stand on your toes. Do it together. Go down to the initial level. Feet together.

    The party of the partner exactly repeats the party of the partner. The only difference is that the partner starts moving backwards with her left foot. That is, she begins to dance a small square with the third part of the movement. All recommendations for the implementation are also suitable partner. This will allow you to learn how to dance a waltz.

    Try to dance it separately at first, and then together.

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