• How to trim the dracaena?

    Anastasia Shostak
    Anastasia Shostak
    April 4, 2013
    How to trim the dracaena?

    Many people think that dracaenas do not need special care conditions. And some owners of this flower do not even know whether it is possible to cut the dragon flower. Dracene can and should be cut, and sometimes it is quite problematic, because you need to know how to do it correctly in order to achieve the growth of new twigs. Only in greenhouse conditions, 4-5 shoots can be achieved. At home, you can also achieve good results if you know how to trim the dracaena. It is not difficult at all, because for this special skills and devices are not needed. The main thing to do according to the instructions.

    How to trim the dracaena

    To do this, cut the tip of a dragon tree growing in a pot with a very sharp knife or with a blade. Wound is not required to cauterize or smear something. After carrying out this procedure, you need to cover the pot with a barrel with a plastic bag, but before that, water it strongly. The subsequent moistening of the flower will have to be done through the pallet and not at all otherwise, because cellophane cannot be removed, it serves as a home-made greenhouse.

    Next, the flower will need a lot of light.Pot with a flower should be put on the most sunny place in the house, you can at the window. Remember that under no circumstances can you remove the plastic bag. It is necessary that the resulting greenhouse does not increase the temperature. It is important to remember that the dracaena can only escape when the humidity of the air is 75-80%, and the temperature of the air and soil should be 23-28 degrees Celsius.

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