• How to cut a boy?

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    How to cut a boy?

    It's no secret that hair requires regular haircuts. A haircut for children requires special attention. How to cut a boy? - This is a fairly common question. Many mothers want to know all the features of this procedure. Not always, to make a children's haircut, you must go to the hairdresser. This is often easier to do at home, especially if your child is very mobile and restless.

    Swatch the boy at home

    How to cut the boy at home - before starting this lesson, think up how you will take the child during the procedure.

    1. If the boy's age is small enough, you can use audio fairy-tales, suggest that he come up with a story or learn a poem.
    2. If the baby is not so small, you can provide him with some kind of "sitting game", for example, puzzles, constructor or computer toys. In general, such activities, which will not bring the dynamics and allow you to do a haircut.
    3. If you don’t understand the process itself, how to cut a boy, the videos in this article will help you understand the details.
    4. It can be noted that there are two options for how to cut a boy - this is with the help of scissors or with the help of a typewriter. After getting acquainted with the video, it becomes clear that this is not such a difficult process, especially if you don’t immediately aim at complicated creative haircuts. Therefore, for the beginning it is worth considering the option of how to cut the boy with scissors, while creating the most simple classic haircut. The most important thing for this is that the scissors are hairdressing and sharp enough.

    Haircut process

    1. So, you should start with combing the hair - this should be done from the top of the head to the tips. Next, you must select the temporal zone, creating two vertical parting and hold one horizontal from ear to ear.
    2. Cutting should start in the parietal area. To select the strand on which you will adjust the length of the haircut, an additional parting is made a centimeter from hair growth, and the first strand is cut off.
    3. With the help of horizontal partings, take each next strand and, comparing in length with the control one, trim. For convenience, strands are best to pinch between the middle and index finger.
    4. Another important point is to pull the strands away from your head at an angle of ninety degrees.After aligning this part of the head, it is worth going to the back of the head; the cutting technique in this area is similar, all comparisons are also made on the control strand.
    5. The temporal zones are last treated, and horizontal partitions are created for clipping. An important point - the alignment of the line of cut at the temples.
    6. The final touch is trimming the bottom line of the hair and passing through it with thinning scissors.

    This version of the haircut is classic, and always remains relevant, but there are some fashionable modern haircuts in this particular season.

    One such option is a haircut, in which at the back of the head - you leave your hair longer, as if grown out, and at the crown and temples you cut off quite shortly. Such a trend has become fashionable as cutting a boy with a machine and using a razor. With this method, you choose and type in a suitable length. Most often, on the back of the head and temples, the hair is left shorter. And with the help of a razor they create various creative patterns.

    For those who have already “filled his hand” in children's haircuts, you can refer to some photos: http://ge.tt/5Biiiid.The haircuts depicted in the photo will help you to clearly understand how to cut a boy. The photo will help you if you decide to try to create and create a unique image for your baby.

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