• How to cure scoliosis?

    January 12, 2015
    How to cure scoliosis?

    Among the methods for correcting the curvature of the spinal column are physiotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, manual therapy, and the use of special supportive devices, such as corsets. However, all these methods help with the curvature of 1, 2 and 3 degrees. More complicated cases may be cured only by surgery. The following methods are discussed in more detail.

    Physiotherapy for scoliosis

    For a long time, physiotherapy has been successfully applied to bring back the holding muscles of the back into a tone, which makes it possible to correct a small degree of spinal curvature. The treatment is carried out in courses of 5-15 sessions. During the procedure, a microcurrent point effect on the muscle fibers is produced using a special apparatus.

    Massage and manual therapy

    These remedies are good for young people and children with 1st degree scoliosis, as in this case there are still no wedge-shaped changes in the vertebrae, and the treatment brings results.When choosing this method of correction, it is very important to ensure the professionalism of the doctor, because improper intervention can harm and negate all the results achieved earlier in the course of treatment.

    Correction with corsets

    The corset helps keep the vertebrae in the correct position. It is usually used for the prevention of further curvature and as an adjuvant between manual therapy sessions. The corset is selected strictly individually, usually in modern therapy, a special program is used for this, which, based on the data on the degree of curvature, creates a supporting device.

    Respiratory and therapeutic exercises

    Respiratory gymnastics is especially effective for scoliosis of the thoracic region. Special exercises on the basis of a series of breaths allow you to adjust the curvature and alleviate the condition.

    Medical scientists from around the world have also developed a special complex of exercise therapy to correct scoliosis and prevent further curvature. Before the start of physical education classes, consultation with an orthopedist is obligatory.

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