• How to cure a hand?

    The pain in the hands often worries some people, but it is rather difficult to determine what caused this pain and how to cope with it.

    In this article, we look at the most common causes of pain and tell you how to cure your hands.


    Arthritis is a collective designation of joint diseases, affecting mostly the older generation, but no one is immune from this disease. In particular, pregnant women suffer from arthritis, regardless of age. Arthritis quite often begins with the hands, the joints of the big, middle and index fingers swell up a little and hurt.

    In matters of treatment of arthritis, folk remedies and in general independent attempts to cope with the illness are not advised, because this disease is serious and requires a competent approach. Illiterate treatment can not only help, but on the contrary, harm. So if your hands are affected by arthritis, you need to see a doctor who will not only prescribe the right drugs, but also prescribe a special diet, gymnastics and other procedures.

    If there is no opportunity to consult a doctor, use the most harmless traditional methods of treatment, for example, potatoes. It is necessary to grind the unpeeled tubers (greener better) and put them in hot water. Then cut the potatoes with a layer of about 2 centimeters, attach to the sore spot and apply a film, and then a bandage. Make a compress better before bedtime, keep until the potatoes cool. Also a good and safe method - baths of birch leaves decoction.

    Cervical osteochondrosis

    If the pains in the hands are accompanied by numbness, especially in the morning, most likely the reason is cervical osteochondrosis, which means you should deal with the neck, not with your hands. Doctors recommend a warm directional shower and special gymnastics:

    • Rotate the neck, as if rolling your chin from one shoulder to the other.
    • Stretch your ear to the left shoulder, then to the right.
    • Rest your chin in the chest and, as it were, knock it.
    • Bend your elbows, put your hands on your shoulders and make several circular movements back and forth.

    If these measures do not help, consult a doctor for more serious treatment, although in the initial stages of the disease these measures should cure the illness.


    Sprains are also quite common causes of pain in the hands, in which case the pain is sharp and it appears at a certain position of the hand. The treatment here is simple - treat the damaged place with a special ointment, for example, Fastum gel, impose an elastic bandage and try to keep your hand at ease.

    Muscle spasm

    This disease has brought us a century of modern technology, and it affects people who have a lot of work at the computer. This disease is also called tunnel syndrome, and it occurs because of the overvoltage of a certain muscle group.

    When getting rid of this disease is not so important treatment as prevention. Firstly, while working at a computer, it is necessary to ensure that the arm in the elbow is bent at a right angle and the brush is as far as possible from the edge of the table, secondly, it is necessary to practice special gymnastics several times a day:

    • Shake with brushes, relaxing them, as if shaking off water from your hands.
    • Keep your fists clenched and wide apart.
    • Rotate the fists clockwise and counterclockwise.

    Contact dermatitis

    Contact dermatitis is called housewife dermatitis; it develops due to constant contact with various caustic cleaning products without the use of protective agents.Women should always use gloves when working with detergent, tile cleaning agents, floor washing, and in an amicable way, even when washing dishes.

    In the initial stages, the skin with contact dermatitis looks as if weathered, and the woman, not paying attention to such a fearless symptom and not understanding the danger, continues to work without gloves, resulting in irritation of the hands even from ordinary soap, and skin sores and unpleasant-looking crust.

    The solution here is simple - use gloves. In addition, it does not hurt the intake of vitamin complexes, as well as special ointments. Inexpensive, but fairly high-quality drug - Akriderm, it allows you to deal with many skin diseases, but it is advisable, nevertheless, that the doctor should dispense ointment for your particular case.

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