• How to crochet a flower?

    It is enough to pick up a hook and thread to tie a surprisingly beautiful interior decoration or decorative flower to decorate clothes. All women who are looking for patterns, how to crochet a flower, understand that this decorative element will look spectacular not only as an independent decoration, but also as an element of the finished product. Since there are a lot of varieties of knitted flowers, we will give a few examples of such products that you will surely like.

    Flower to decorate clothes

    The main tools are thread, hook and scissors. Hook choose 2 times thicker than the thread. In principle, if you buy imported threads, then the package will indicate the number of the hook that is best suited for binding. This flower can be made both in a single-color interpretation, and in a multi-color (each petal can be knit with threads of different color). To start knitting the simplest flower, you need to collect 10 air loops, close them in a circle.

    We start to knit with 1 air loop,then 15 single crochet columns over the loops of the dial-up row, 3 air loops, double-crochet, make a single crochet column (enter the hook between the first and second columns of the previous row, pull the loop). Perform from three loops that you currently have on the hook, double crochet. Make one more column according to a similar algorithm. The entire subsequent series is carried out according to the scheme: 1 tbsp. double crochet, 2 tbsp. double crochet from one loop. The knitting of the series is completed with a connecting loop.

    Getting to the formation of petals - tie 2 air loops, 1 tbsp. without nakida, 2 double crochets from one loop of the previous row, 1 tbsp. without n. Use a similar algorithm for tying up the remaining petals. The row must be finished with a connecting loop. Cut the thread. If you are unable to tie a flower by yourself, look at the video on how to crochet flowers - visual instruction for some women is more understandable than written.

    Knitted daisies

    For vyvyazyvaniya daisies need to take pink cotton yarn, hook number 1.5, the stems for flowers, which have middle. The diameter of one daisy is 7 cm. Of these daisies, you can make a magnificent flower arrangement for any room of your home, starting from the hallway and ending with a children's room or bedroom.

    Each petal is knitted separately on a chain of 14 air loops. In the first row, you need to tie up 13 columns without a nakida, turn the work, make a lifting loop, skip the first column, and knit 1 column without a nakida on the remaining 12 columns.

    In the first row we make one air lift loop, from which it is now necessary to knit 5 tbsp. without crochet and continue knitting with crochet with crochet stitches on 13 loops of a dial-up row. Tie a petal in a circle "with the step of a bird." Each daisy has 12 petals, so how many petals you need to tie depends on the number of flowers.

    To connect the petals to each other, we tie a straight narrow edge with single crochets: you must complete 36 non-crocheted columns (3 each petal), close the circular row, knitting the connecting bar. We continue circular knitting to the middle - it is necessary to knit together 2 tbsp. without nakida, that is, you should have after that 18 columns without nakida, then 9 columns without nakida, and in the last row 5 tbsp. without nakida Cut the thread and hide it. Put the chamomiles on the previously prepared stems, fasten with the centers (choose the stems so that they remove the middle ones).

    Knitted lilies

    Before you crochet flowers, be sure to study the diagrams thoroughly, sort them out, because if you read the schematic image of a flower incorrectly, you will not get a product similar to the pattern. For knitting lilies you need 100 grams. white thread (100 percent cotton), 2 stalks, 26 cm high, in which there are red “middle”, hook number 1.5.

    Please note that the diagram shows the first loop of the circular row, which must be replaced with air lift loops (their number is shown in the diagram). Each circle should end with a connecting post. The diagram shows only one petal of lily, in total there should be 12 - 6 large and 6 small ones. The diagram has numbers indicating the numbers of circular rows.

    Knit a large petal. Each large petal is knitted on a chain of six air loops closed between each other by a connecting stub. Further work is necessary to continue under the scheme. To know how to learn to crochet flowers, it is necessary to strictly follow the scheme, which indicates the direction of knitting by the corresponding arrows in the first circular row.Thus, you must first make 21 air loops, then knit one air lift loop and tie crochets without a single crochet over the 21st air loop.

    Knit a small petal. To knit a small petal in the first round, you need to make a total of 17 air loops (21 loops are made in a large petal). In the second and third row, lower the loops marked with double arrows. Tied petals, pre-steamed, put on the stem (in the middle there should be small petals), sprinkle the starch solution out of the spray and put on stamens.

    Before you start knitting such lilies, we recommend crocheting a flower for beginners, which is much easier to make.

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