• How to create teamspeak?

    Galina Devyatkina
    Galina Devyatkina
    October 9, 2014
    How to create teamspeak?

    TeamSpeak is a special voice messaging software. In order to start communication, you will need to create a private room. To do this, follow the suggested instructions.

    How to create a room in TeamSpeak

    1. This program has, go to it, select the version that is suitable for your computer (for example, TeamSpeak 3) and start downloading.
    2. Select the field in which we accept all user agreements.
    3. Next to the button called “Submit” is another required field, we select it, after which the download will start automatically. When the version is fully downloaded, click all the confirming buttons in all the required fields and windows. Once everything is agreed, the installation will be complete.
    4. Now select the localization page and start downloading, then unpack such folders as “styles” and “translations” and set it as default. Run the program and click "Options", where we select the column "Russian language" and restart the program.
    5. For further settings, go to the "Records" and select the "Press and talk" column, as well as the microphone button.
    6. Then go to the connection area. Connect.
    7. In order to remove the voice notifications, go to “Options” and select the “Notifications” column, then change one voice packet to another and use it. What kind of package - you decide. As soon as this is done, notifications of who entered the application and who left it will be terminated.

    How to create a server for TeamSpeak 3

    1. First you need.
    2. Unpack the archive.
    3. Run the .exe file
    4. We enter the login / password giving the user administrator rights.
    5. We download the client, we create the room according to the instruction given above.

    How to create a channel in TeamSpeak

    1. To quickly get to the desired channel, select "Bookmarks" and click on "Bookmark Manager."
    2. Then click "Select a bookmark."
    3. Enter the address, name and nickname.
    4. Now click “More”, then change the sound package again and select “Make current package by default”.

    If everything is done correctly, you will have a new channel through which you can quickly go to any desired channel.

    All the above steps are important and necessary in setting up a personal account, but there can also be a large number of additional criteria that may be useful for working with the account, they are:

    • Saving shoulder straps and identifiers;
    • Ability to turn off whispering history;
    • How exactly can you send and receive files.

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