• How to create a license?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    October 5, 2014
    How to create a license?

    Having a license makes it possible not only to play on licensed servers, but also to change graphic images and receive updates. This service is paid, and therefore many have a desire to create a license yourself.

    Create a license for Rust

    To create a rust license on the server, we will use Steam libraries. First you need to download it yourself and install it. The next step is to install the Steam-library, which must be implemented in the root folder of the server. You can run the server.

    Minecraft License

    Consider the question of how to create a minecraft license. It can be purchased on the official website - it is legal and easy. You must perform the following sequence of actions:

    1. We are registered on the site.
    2. On the home page, click the Buy Now button.
    3. We accept the terms of the agreement listed on the site.
    4. Choose one of the payment options. If not one of the proposed methods does not suit you, then you can buy a GIFT-code ("gift code").

    And you can use the following method to get a license for free:

    1. Go to the official website and register.
    2. In the Login field, select settings.
    3. The message “Connected Username change” appears.
    4. Click on change.
    5. Enter a new nickname and password.
    6. Next you need to install the skin, and for this you need to know the url and "cloak". Click set.
    7. Then you should select Downloads and Mineshafter proxy.
    8. We start and enter a new nickname and password.

    Create DayZ license

    If you prefer to create a dayz server, then the license is obtained in another way. You will need software to create and configure the server, as well as to administer it. In the first case, we will use the program, and in the second -.

    1. Download from the site, unzip to a previously created folder "server".
    2. Then run and install, then run DayzServerControlcenter.exe. In the Information tab, you can specify your preferred language, and in the Setup tab, you can configure the necessary server settings: write a message for the player, change the password, etc.
    3. Starting the server is carried out in several steps: in the “Administration” tab, we specify the login and password, in the “Manage - Overview” tab, click on “Spawn vehicles”. To administer the created server, you first need to unpack DarT, then specify your host, port, and password.

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