• How to count square meters?

    Irina Kosheleva
    Irina Kosheleva
    August 15, 2012
    How to count square meters?

    From time to time, we face a problem, how to calculate square meters: when calculating payments for utilities or during repairs, when you need to calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you need to paste over walls, or how many cans of paint.

    In fact, all these data are indicated in the technical passport, where a clear layout of the apartment is given, the number of square meters of each room and the total area of ​​the apartment are indicated.

    How to calculate the square meters of the walls

    If there is no passport, and you still need to find out, for example, how to calculate the square meters of the walls, then to do this, in fact, is not so difficult. To do this you will need school knowledge of geometry. Namely - the formula of the area of ​​a rectangle S = a * b. That is, you need to multiply the height of your walls by the width. To do this, do the following:

    1. Measure the width of the wall. This is best done along the line of the floor or ceiling, since these lines are the most perpendicular.
    2. Change the height of the wall. This is the distance from the floor to the ceiling.As a rule, it is 2.5 m in Khrushchev, 3 m in Brezhnev, and 3.5 or 4 m in Stalinka. But it's best to measure yourself, so as not to miscalculate.
    3. Find out the area. The values ​​obtained should be multiplied together - and you have the sum of square meters of one wall.
    4. The amount of space. Since there is not one wall in the room, but four, then the same operations need to be done with the rest of the walls, and then folded 4 received areas. As a result, you will have square meters of the walls of the entire room.
    5. Subtract the excess. Each room has at least one entrance. In modern apartments, redevelopments with different arches and other openings are very fashionable. Naturally, if you need to calculate the number of rolls of wallpaper, then this distance you do not need. Therefore, measure the height and width of the opening, multiply them and subtract the resulting number from the total number of meters of walls.

    As you can see, there is nothing difficult about it. If you are interested in how to calculate the square meters of the room, then it is even easier.

    How to calculate the square meters of the room

    The basic formula is the same. Only now we need the length and width of the floor.

    1. We measure the width. If you have furniture along the wall, you should not immediately drag it somewhere.You can easily measure the width of the wall or ceiling - the room consists of rectangles, and its parallel sides are equal.
    2. Measure the length. We measure the adjacent wall / floor / ceiling.
    3. Find the area. Multiply the numbers we get - that's all.

    If you need to count the square meters of the whole apartment, the principle is the same: we count each room, corridors and storerooms, and then we put everything together.

    That's how simple it is.

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