• How to cook sausages?

    Sausages - one of the easiest to prepare products. However, the Internet is replete with questions, how to cook sausages? Let's try to figure it out.

    Easy way to cook sausages

    We will need: pan, water, stove, sausages.

    1. Pour cold water into the pot and set on the stove.
    2. Remove the film from the sausages (if it is non-food and easily removed) and put them on a plate.
    3. When the water begins to boil - immerse the sausages in the pan - reduce the gas.
    4. We are waiting from 2 to 10 minutes. Most often sausages stew 5 minutes.

    Cooking time must be indicated on the sausage package. Or simply check their readiness themselves - we pierce with a fork. Properly cooked sausages will be soft.

    Some advise you to immediately immerse the sausages in the pan, without waiting for the water to boil. But in this case, sausages can soften ahead of time and lose their shape and elasticity.

    It happens, salt water in which sausages are cooked. It does not make sense to do this, since sausages are a semi-finished product, which already includes some flavorings, including salt.

    To prevent sausages from bursting during cooking, it is recommended to pierce them several times with a pin.

    How to cook sausages in the microwave

    We need: microwave, plate, ketchup, mustard, sausages.

    1. Clear the sausages from the film.
    2. Put them on a plate.
    3. Fill with ketchup and / or mustard.
    4. Put the plate with sausages in the microwave for 3-5 minutes.

    By the way, sausages can be filled with ketchup after the microwave, as you like. If you want sausages to be juicier, add a little water to the bottom of the plate.

    How to cook frozen sausages

    Just like regular ones. Only frozen sausages should be immersed in the pan immediately, without waiting for the water to boil. It is necessary that they have time to boil. And the film, of course, will have to be removed after cooking, after cooling the sausages.

    Sausages are ideally combined with bread, pasta, ketchup and mustard. They are suitable for snacking, and for a full meal. Want to surprise loved ones original cooking sausages, then read on.

    Original cooking sausages

    We will need: a wide pan, water, a stove, sausages, spaghetti, salt.

    1. We put on the stove a pot of water.
    2. Clear the sausages from the film.
    3. Cut each sausage in half or in three parts, if the sausages are long.
    4. We pierce each piece of sausage with five or ten spaghetti so that they pass through the sausage.
    5. The resulting "hedgehogs" put in boiling water.
    6. Water we salt, we reduce gas.
    7. Cook for 5-6 minutes until the spaghetti is soft.
    8. Carefully take out the slices of sausages so that the spaghetti is not messed up, and beautifully spread on a wide plate.
    9. It turns out the original octopuses, which can be decorated with ketchup and greens.

    Choose any method of cooking and enjoy your meal! The main thing is not to eat sausages raw. Although they are considered a finished product, it is still better to cook sausages properly.

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