• How to cook delicious chips without butter in the microwave

    You will need
    • - young fresh potatoes (300 g);
    • –Sweet Paprika (7 g);
    • Salt to taste;
    • –Dried fennel to taste.
    Take the potatoes, rinse the rind thoroughly with a special brush and remove the skin with a sharp knife. The most crucial stage in this recipe is slicing potatoes into flat and thin slices of equal thickness. You can do this with a peeler, but it's best to use a cooking slicer, which can be purchased at any cooking store.
    Grate all the potatoes and transfer them to a deep bowl. Rinse again. Take parchment paper, cut a small circle to the size of the stand in the microwave. Potato dry a little paper towel. Make a thin layer of potato slices. Make sure the slices do not overlap.
    Put the paper in the microwave, turn on the power to 700-800 W, and then carefully follow the process. As soon as the surface of the potato becomes light brown, you should immediately pull the chips out of the microwave. Otherwise, the potato will lose its crunchy properties. The approximate cooking time for each batch of potatoes is 3-6 minutes.
    Spread and cook chips until all the potatoes are finished. Then in a separate bowl, mix the salt, dill and sweet paprika. Transfer the resulting chips to the spices and gently roll.

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