• How to conquer the capital

    Be prepared for the fact that upon arrival in the city, everything can go wrong, as you expected. In the end, in Moscow, they are hardly waiting for you with open arms. The search for work and decent housing may be delayed. Therefore, come with a sufficient financial reserve, which is enough for the first months of adaptation and arrangement. Otherwise, the first problem you will find it difficult to avoid disappointment. Have a backup plan in case you fail to immediately realize your plans. To get a job with a fairly convenient schedule (night, shift, etc.) so that you can continue in your free time to search for a better place - does not represent a particular problem.
    Conquest of the capital, you can start with a good education in the university or on any courses, or if you already have an education, start gradually, brick by brick, build a career in metropolitan organizations.
    Do not be afraid to prove yourself, to show all your best sides to a potential employer.But at the same time really assess your level. Probably, you were an excellent master of your business in your homeland, but for the metropolitan life your professional level may be insufficient and even very mediocre. But do not be upset about it.
    Constantly study, thereby increasing your value as a specialist. Whoever you are - a seller, hairdresser or manager of a reputable company, you can always take appropriate training or refresher courses. Investments in education are always justified. In addition, it is possible that the employer will give you preference due to the presence of additional certificates in the resume line.
    Do not rush to quickly climb the career ladder. Having settled on the first decent job, try to master all the nuances of your post. Get familiar at work, get used to the pace of life in the capital. It is likely that you will want to change the scope of activities and find yourself in something else, since there are all possibilities in the capital for this.

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