• How to connect headphones to a laptop?

    Julia Agafonova
    Julia Agafonova
    December 1, 2014
    How to connect headphones to a laptop?

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    How to connect headphones to a laptop?

    Many people face the problem of headphones playing sound when they are connected to a laptop: the sound is simply not audible. The main causes of problems are the wrong port and the uninstalled sound driver.

    The procedure for connecting headphones to a laptop is no different from the process of connecting them to a desktop computer. Only an excellent number of sockets for connectors can cause inconvenience.

    Headphone jacks

    All modern computer sound cards have a 3.5 mm jack, which is used to connect a microphone, headphones and, alternatively, speakers. In a laptop, as in a stationary computer, there may be one or more sockets.

    If there is one nest, then there is no choice - you only need to use it.

    If there are several nests, you need to look at what each of them is adapted for.Typically, the jacks are highlighted in color (for headphones - green, for a microphone - pink) or a symbol (image of headphones).

    How to connect headphones to a laptop?

    For the system to recognize the headphones and output the sound through them, you need to install a sound driver. The Realtek High Defenition Audio driver is widely used, it works on Windows and Linux operating systems. It can be downloaded at.

    After installing the driver, you can insert the headphone plug into its corresponding socket. A warning should appear on the computer to recognize the new audio device. From the list, you must select the headphones and confirm the connection.

    If there are no headphones in the list that appears, but there is a microphone or line-in input - check that the correct jack is selected.

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