• How to connect a motion sensor?

    Nikolay Lazarenko
    Nikolay Lazarenko
    January 30, 2013
    How to connect a motion sensor?

    Motion sensors are mainly used in the protection of industrial facilities from intruders. Also, motion sensors are widely used in everyday life to connect many lighting devices. Let's take a look at how to connect a motion sensor at home for more useful purposes. There are always goals.

    Many with the help of a motion sensor, have solved the problem of turning on and off the lighting of the courtyard and the staircase (private house). Previously, when you turn on the light at the bottom of the flight of stairs, you had to go back to turn it off, after turning on the upper switch. Now that the sensor has been installed, the light automatically turns on as soon as someone approaches the stairs, both from below and above. Very comfortably. The sensor also turns off automatically after a certain time. Timer work can be adjusted. Before you properly connect the motion sensor, you need to figure out what they are.

    Types of sensors

    Motion sensors are wall and ceiling.Wall-mounted - a capture radius of 180 degrees, ceiling - a capture radius of 360 degrees. You can select a sensor for the intended installation location, internal or external. Also, the sensors are divided into adjustable and unregulated. The adjustable sensor has the functions of controlling the level of movement, regulating the period of operation of the sensor devices, the function of regulating work depending on the time of day. You can also choose a sensor in color, shape, size and, of course, in price and cost. The cost of motion sensors depends on the characteristics and brand. But do not assume that they can not afford. The usual motion sensor costs around ten dollars, but it is also cheaper. For example, a light bulb with automatic on / off function will cost one and a half to two times more expensive.

    Now about the installation. As mentioned earlier, the motion sensor can be installed on the wall, or on the ceiling of the room. You can also connect a spotlight with a motion sensor. Included are dowels for installation with installation and connection instructions. You can figure out where to install it yourself.

    Sensor connection to the lighting device

    Connecting a motion sensor to a monitored device (lamp) and the network will be an easy procedure if you carefully study the wiring diagram. The wiring diagram is drawn in the language of electricians. Translate this into a more understandable language. On the branded block of the motion sensor there are four contacts. The following are the conventions and their descriptions:

    • L - posting from the network.
    • N - the second posting from the network and here is one posting from the lamp.
    • A - the second posting from the lamp.
    • _ - Grounding.

    Everything, the motion sensor with the lamp is installed and connected to a network. You can now proceed to the test. When everything is tested and adjusted, you will have an excellent system of automatic on / off lighting.

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