• How to make rap?

    The main basis of rap - a kind, accurate rhyme. A person who thinks about how to compose rap should feel like an artist who paints the world around with rhymes. Maybe the advice will sound banal, but the question: “how to learn to write rap” is only one answer: success can be achieved by carefully choosing rhyming words as best you can.

    Learn to write rap

    Of course, every fan of rap music, wants to learn how to read and write lyrics that will be no worse than from world stars. In rap, rhymes are quite complex, so the reading should take place in a certain rhythm and, most importantly, carry a meaning. Reflecting on how to compose a rap, the text of which will not only have an ideal rhyme, but also a deep meaning, it is important to just immerse yourself in your thoughts and then transfer them to paper. Initially, you will have something like:

    Music should be good, Remember, my friend! Do not spoil the blood, If you took a micro!

    Then, we assure you, the texts will become much more complicated and original.

    How to learn to write rap

    Do not stop there.Match words and tame them with rhymes.

    It is the rhymes that make the crowd admire the reader-rapper. That rhyme - the basis of all performances. Rhymes can be accurate and inaccurate. In rap, mostly inaccurate rhymes are used:

    We are all born in this world, Years are stretched for a century. Every person will be important for life, People, let's shout together: “There is no war!”

    It is not necessary to place each rhyme at the end of the line; they can be either of a certain length or placed in a specific order. Some of the most common types of hip-hop rhymes do not completely rhyme.

    Hip-hop rationalizers consider exact rhymes too restrictive, so in rap the type of rhymes, where all sounds that are after the final stress coincide, is not often seen. When thinking about how to make rap, be aware that direct rhymes are not necessary.

    Rappers use inaccurate rhymes, which gives more freedom for creative expression. Examples of inaccurate rhymes: plantain - on purpose, good - powder, booth - boy.

    How to compose rap - text matters

    With this method of compiling the text, the exact rhyme is replaced by “almost” rhyme, using it to complete the line.

    To get started, try to rhyme any words that come to mind. You can turn on the metronome or any bit, the main thing - do not rush. Read quickly turns out not immediately, but with experience it also comes. At first, the meaning does not matter much, just rhyme. When it comes to composing texts with little or no thought, complicate the task.

    When you already understand how to learn to compose rap correctly, try to invent rap with a meaning. And do not forget, of course, about the bit.

    How to write rap - text + time

    Gradually, the compilation of the text will be for you an easier task. The next stage is the combination of tact, meaning, rhyme into one, whole. It is better to start with simple rhymes, when there is only one in the line, which is located at the end of the line, rhyming word. Freestylers often use such rhymes because, due to the simplicity of the rhyme, there is always time to think and find the right word.

    The more practice you have, the harder the rhymes will become and the more diverse the texts will be. The most successful texts of the famous benchmarks are distinguished by their imagery and unsurpassed energy.

    As you improve, all this will come to you.When you start experimenting with more complex rhymes, you will notice that not only one syllable rhymes in them and composing texts because of this is much more difficult. However, the result is worth it: such rhymes introduce originality and diversity in the text, improve the overall quality of the text. If you got something like:

    The main thing is not to be late, the main thing is to know in time.

    The main thing is not to slow down the movement - get it,

    The main thing is to say a few words that weigh,

    The main thing - over the years comes in this close world,

    You understand, I hope what this song is about ...

    So you can surely be called a promising rap writer.

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