• How to clean the toxins

    Cleansing the body is necessary because we live in conditions of poor ecology. Exhaust fumes, constant stress - all this negatively affects our health. The easiest way is fasting. Should begin gradually. If you have any chronic diseases, it is best to starve under the supervision of an experienced doctor. To start, try not to eat one day for a month. Then, after a short break of several weeks, do not eat for 3 days. Thus, you can gradually begin to starve up to 5 days. This procedure should be taken very seriously, because with the wrong approach, you risk your health. During the day without food, you can only drink plain water or eat one lemon, but nothing else is possible. As a result of starvation, manyslags�and toxins.
    From the hunger strike should go too gradually. This will allow you to achieve a better result. If your hunger strike has reached 5-6 days, then on the first day after it you should eat vegetable salads. In no case should they be seasoned with mayonnaise.Perfect lemon juice or vegetable oil as a salad dressing. The first portions should be very small, that is 1-2 spoons, but after an hour the dose can be increased and so gradually.
    During the fasting period, it is best to exclude any physical and mental stress. This can adversely affect your health. Also during this period, try to be more in the fresh air. Protect yourself from stress while on a hunger strike. Nothing should put you off balance. If you want to improve the work of your intestines, then you should give preference to natural products. Eliminate heavy fried foods from your diet.

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