• How to clean the computer?

    As you know: the longer the machine runs, the more care is needed for it. Computer is no exception. Only here, in contrast to the usual machine, it does not work in the open air, but stands in some dusty room and becomes clogged with dirt, which leads to the disruption of its work. But, this is not the only factor that makes our PC "slow down". This is affected by the information contained on the hard disk. It happens that a place either just ends or is clogged up with a huge number of files that have not been used for a long time, which leads to long processing of documents and a malfunction of the entire system. Let's solve both problems!

    We clean from garbage

    How to clean the computer from garbage? To begin with, you should turn off the computer and pull the power supply out of the network. Disconnect all cables to the back panel from the mouse, monitor, keyboard, and other devices. If you do not know how and where to put them back then, I advise you to sign each connector or take a picture of it.

    Now, put the power supply in a bright place and try to open one side cover. Usually it keeps on snaps and moves up or back. It all depends on your body. I advise you to refer to the instructions for clarifying this factor so as not to accidentally break anything.

    Have you opened? Great. An amazing picture of colorful wires, boards and fans opened before you. Most likely, if the computer is used for a long time, but you decided to clean it for the first time, then inside you will also encounter a huge amount of dust that covers almost all parts of the device. How to clean the computer from dust? To do this you will need a small brush, preferably several different sizes. Gently take the smallest you could find, and gently start to wipe the most hard-to-reach spots. Then, wipe the boards and hard drives with a large brush.

    Many people use vacuum cleaners for these purposes, but I do not advise using this method in my practice, since it is likely that something will break.

    Pay special attention to the fans. It is on them, usually, contains a huge amount of any dirt.The settled dust increases with a geometrical progression, depending on the air in the room. If you smoke near the computer, then do not be surprised that inside you can find something unusual similar to mold. This happens often.

    So. You cleaned the computer from dirt. Now, let's start cleaning the system itself from debris.

    We clean from unnecessary

    How to clean the computer from unnecessary? To begin with, try to remember which programs you have ever installed, but have not been using them for a long time or about those that you are unlikely to use in the future. Such programs can be immediately removed in the "Start" menu without much thought. In the same place, carefully look through the entire list, which will be presented in the menu. Think about whether you use the program that is represented there? Do you need it, and in general, did you install it? It happens that one program, installs along with another, not related to what you wanted.

    When you have finished deleting all unnecessary, you should break the files. Sorting all the information is always a good thing. Go to My Computer and start browsing all the documents that you have on the disk.Usually, among the necessary things are all sorts of videos and photos that were installed initially, and for you do not matter, but the place is occupied. This, too, you can safely delete.

    Do not forget to go to the folder where your browser downloads all the content. Usually, it is in this folder that a huge amount of documents, music, films, various pictures and other things that you have forgotten a long time ago and do not even know what it could be for you, accumulate.

    Finally, the most useful advice. Regularly clean the recycle bin and delete unnecessary files immediately, without delaying later. Now, you know how to clean your computer.

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