• How to choose a yogurt maker correctly

    Like many other things, the home yogurt girl came to our country from Western Europe. But this does not mean that it does not occur to anyone to buy a yoghurt maker in Moscow or another Russian city. Perhaps, everyone loves yogurt with berries, fruits, chocolate icing, nuts and other fillers, and also without them. This dairy product is not only delicious, but also very useful! And it does not matter whether it is a classic delicacy or a yoghurt with a complex composition. So, if you do not know how to choose and where to buy a yogurt girl properly, this article will find valuable recommendations and practical advice.


    Homemade yogurt maker: design and basic varieties.



    The device has a simple device. It consists of a network indicator, a heating element, a housing, a plastic cover (usually transparent), a container for yogurt. In most cases, the package in addition to the instructions includes a book with recipes.Unique devices differ not only in a complete set and appearance. So what does the ice cream maker look like that best suited for your family?


    Models of home appliances for cooking yoghurts differ in shape. If you like square strict designs, a yoghurt maker can be a good decoration for your kitchen. Lovers of streamlined shapes will certainly enjoy the yogurt maker.Toi Npehorgreen 3516. Round yogurt maker is considered more universal, because not only yogurt can be made in it, but also sour cream, enriched kefir, and yogurt. After you have decided on the form, you should pay attention to the number of jars. For example, yogurt makerAriete 85, is able to cook 6 servings of a delicious product, and the deviceTefal 8872as many as 8, which is enough to satisfy the appetite of a large family. However, regardless of the number of portion jars, one homemade yoghurt maker can cook about one liter of product per session.


    In some devices, jars are made of glass, in others, from high-quality heat-resistant plastic. By the way, this difference does not affect the quality and benefits of the final product.If you buy additional jars, yogurt can be cooked 2 or even 3 times a day, because 1 session lasts approximately 8 hours. In addition to the above differences, unique devices have some others.


    Virtually every yogurt girl has the function of automatic shutdown after 60 minutes of continuous operation, and using the modelDex-107, as in the photo above, you can get a valuable sour-milk product, using the principle of a water bath (water is poured between jars).


    Devices for cooking yoghurt from different manufacturers have interesting features: a container for cooking cottage cheese, a time scale (a kind of timer). If you intend to use store yoghurt to make a fermented milk product, you will be interested in Mulinex yogurt maker with special jars on which you can put a date. You should know that yogurt based on bacterial starter cultures can not be stored for more than 48 hours. In order to determine what yogurt girl to buy to make a product from ready-made starter cultures, it is necessary to pay attention to the maximum possible heating temperature of the apparatus.If you are going to use store yogurt, this characteristic is not so important when choosing the right yogurt maker. And remember, no matter what type of yogurt you buy, you did not decide, its size or design is not important. You will be able to independently prepare healthy yogurt, that’s what matters most!

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