• How to choose a wallpaper for the room?

    It would seem that it may be easier to repair, if not the choice of wallpaper. But in fact, wallpaper plays a major role in creating coziness and comfort. Unfortunately, many do not think about it. Therefore, in this article, we will describe in detail how to choose wallpaper for the room.

    The choice of wallpaper for the teenage room

    In this regard, a lot depends not only on the basic design style of the whole apartment, but also on who the room is for. Consider the details of how to choose wallpaper for the room teen room. Since this question is the most difficult for parents, after all teenage tastes and discretions on beauty are very different from the older generation. Let's provide some basic rules:

    • Firstly, before choosing such a wallpaper, you need to specifically ask the teenager how he sees his room. This refers to the color, shades, light, etc.
    • You need to know the specific interests of this teenager, for example, if he is a member of the subculture, which is quite common today, and is naturally addicted to hard rock, the room should not be light, it should be slightly darkened.And of course there�s really no wallpaper with clouds and butterflies.
    • As far as we know, wallpapers for a teenage boy's room should be monophonic and simple, as for a teenager girl, more gentle, light colors will do.
    • With this choice, avoid different pictures, as they are striking and to teenagers they may not be to their liking, based on their priorities and discretions. In the end, they will be ashamed to show the room with ridiculous drawings to their friends. Remember that every teenager considers himself fully grown up.
    • Also avoid bright colors, for example, red, yellow, light green. Since the teenager will feel headaches, being, for a long time in such an environment.
    • And finally, in such a scrupulous question, it is best to listen to the teenager himself, taking him with him to choose wallpaper for his room.

    The choice of wallpaper for the children's room

    As for children, everything is much easier, but you will have to forget about maintaining your sophisticated design of the whole apartment. But remember that it is impossible to treat this issue formally, because for a child, his room is the whole world in which he grows and develops.So here�s some of the most important tips:

    • Before you buy wallpaper for a child's room, imagine it in general with the design of the furniture of your choice and do not forget to take into account the sex of the child. After all, a child since childhood has a certain idea about girls and boys. For example, all children know that the pink color is for a girl, and blue or blue for a boy.
    • The wallpaper should not be bright, the main background should be monochromatic and brighter, for example, blue, pink, purple. But the drawings on the wallpaper on the contrary should be bright. This will interest the child. Speaking about the drawings, it is worth noting that they should be cartoony and bring something to the child. For example, if bears that are played football are perfect for boys. And for girls - girls who play a ball on the field with flowers.
    • Speaking about which wallpaper to choose for the room, do not forget to take into account the preferences of the child, because many children from early childhood begin to be interested in this or that sport, or have favorite characters. Therefore, providing a wallpaper with them, you certainly please the child.By the way, it�s quite a good idea to take a child along with you to choose a wallpaper, thus you will emphasize the importance of his opinion.

    The choice of wallpaper for the bedroom

    Despite the simplicity of such a task, difficulties often arise. Since both adults for whom the bedroom is intended, have their own interests and represent the future bedroom in different ways. Therefore, here we also note several criteria for this choice:

    • To get started is to know the preferences of each and be sure to consult. Since the wallpaper for the bedroom, should reflect the taste preferences of both.
    • Here, too, you can not choose too bright colors that will cause headaches. It is better to stop on more gentle and monophonic.
    • Speaking of color, the most successful is light beige, which will always reflect the heat, despite the fact that it can be winter outside. But you should not buy obo, too light colors or completely white, or light gray, as this is more of an office style. And the person will feel in the bedroom, as at work.
    • Speaking of pictures, they are quite appropriate, if not bright. These can be stains in a color that matches the basic tone of the wallpaper.A similar question causes difficulty more often in the case that it is not always possible to acquire beautiful wallpapers for a certain person for a certain person. After all, the concept of beauty is completely different. And even more so when it comes to two mature adults.

    Now you know how important it is to decorate a room with wallpaper, regardless of whether the room is for adults or children. But given all the above tips, you will not lose a similar choice. Treat him with a careful approach. because the wallpaper is not reattached every year and therefore should be of high quality and delight everyone who is in the room! We wish you good luck!

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