• How to choose a swimsuit?

    Angelica Artemyeva
    Angelica Artemyeva
    August 3, 2012
    How to choose a swimsuit?

    On the beach, all the ladies want to look attractive, which is sometimes quite problematic, given the lack of clothing. But you can still hide some imperfections of the figure, if you know how to choose a swimsuit. For example, you can hide too big breasts by buying a separate swimsuit with a light bottom and with a dark top, which has cups with bones and good straps, or a one-piece swimsuit with a smell. But for those who have a very small chest, it is necessary to choose models with a compactor in cups, frills or gangs. By the way, the absence of strapless models in the gang also visually enlarge the breasts.

    Visually reduce wide shoulders will help the swimsuit with a V-neck and straps, which are tied at the neck. This option will present the chest in the best light. And for women with narrow shoulders fit models of separate swimsuits with straight straps and a light upper part. So the figure will look more proportional.

    With wide and massive hips and in the presence of a tummy, it is especially important to know how to choose a swimsuit on the figure. Here will help a vertical strip, a small skirt, a dark bottom and a bright top. True, ladies with narrow shoulders and heavy bottom skirts should be avoided.

    High neckline thigh can significantly increase the length of the legs, and no low set of panties and shorts!

    As for the bikini, such models are suitable for slender girls with long legs.

    Fat women should avoid large bright patterns, thin strapless, sparkles and transverse stripes. Choose a one-piece swimsuit with a low neckline and vertical slimming inserts.

    Of course, buying a swimsuit, you need to try it on. Otherwise there is a risk to get an inconvenient model. As for color, choose the one that you like and follow the guidelines for the design and pattern.

    If you decide to order a swimsuit in the online store, then the size chart presented by each manufacturer will help you to understand how to choose the right swimsuit. Make measurements of the hips, breasts and under the breasts, and then you accurately determine the desired size.

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