• How to choose a coat?

    Warm, comfortable and stylish. It would seem that all three important criteria that we adhere to when buying a coat. And, nevertheless, every time we go to the store, we have a question: how to choose the right coat?

    First of all, when buying a coat, and any other thing you need to take into account the peculiarities of your figure.

    As you know, there are only five types of shapes:

    1. "Hourglass" - about such people they say "she has a waist waist." Owners of such a figure can boast perfect proportions. And the best model will be the coat that emphasizes the waist.
    2. "Triangle / pear" - a figure characterized by wide hips and narrow shoulders. The task of the coat with this type of figure is to hide the visible difference between the shoulders and the hips. It is very simple to make: it is enough to �give� the volume to the top, for example, at the expense of accessories, decorative buttons or a volume collar.
    3. On the contrary, wide shoulders and narrow hips are characteristic for the type of "inverted triangle". Accordingly, the task is opposite to the previous point: here it is necessary to draw attention to the lower part of the body due to patch pockets, pleating, etc.You can also focus on the waist - it will help to visually make the figure more proportional.
    4. "Rectangle" - in women with such a figure, the volume of the chest, waist and hips is about the same. Here the task is to draw attention to the merits and distract from the shortcomings. For example, you can emphasize the waist with a belt or a belt. If you have wide shoulders and hips without a clearly defined waist, then you need to give preference to models without patch pockets and all sorts of "chips." If this girl is not tall, then the choice should be stopped on shorter models of coat.
    5. To emphasize the waist and make the figure more feminine is a task for owners of an oval / apple type. The best option here is a fitted coat, single-breasted, long above the widest part of the thigh and with a minimum of trim. As they say, "simply, but with taste."

    So, we decided on the model, then - how to choose a coat by color? Our advice - do not throw on the trends of the season. Choose the color that you like and in which you feel comfortable, because a coat is a thing that you wear daily. So, convenience and comfort are its main components.In this case, note that the red coat and burgundy shades emphasize the blush of the face, yellow - focuses attention on the summer tan, and for example, white color will give the face a porcelain sheen.

    And finally, the most important point - the choice of size. Trying on a coat, be sure to consider what clothes you will wear under it. If it is thicker, it means that the size is taken larger, and vice versa. During the fitting, pay attention to the fact that there are no folds under the arms, so that the coat does not bristle and not stretch. Walk around the room to make sure that the hem does not interfere with walking and check that the sleeve length is suitable.

    Recently, men have also paid due attention to coats. Therefore, the question often arises - how to choose a coat for men?

    When buying, you also need to pay attention to the figure - the future coat should hide flaws and emphasize the merits. The length can be below the knees or be three-quarters of the full length. The first option is the most common and looks more formal. Full length is recommended for tall men - so their growth is visually somewhat shortened.

    Whether you are single-breasted or double-breasted to choose depends on the situation. The latter is stricter in wearing and does not allow liberties (wearing "unbuttoned"), and single breasted, on the contrary, has an advantage in terms of versatility. Lapels, belt and other accessories depend on the features of the figure and the preferences of men. And the choice of colors is the same as when choosing a business suit: depending on the purpose of the purchase: an important event or daily trips, for example, to work.

    So, it turns out, just pick the right coat. It is enough to decide what you want, and you can safely go to the store!

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