• How to check the microphone?

    We encounter various types of microphones in our daily life and therefore we often ask ourselves how to test a microphone. Only a specialist can carry out a detailed check of this product, since this requires not only certain equipment, but also special knowledge and experience. But to perform the usual test microphone using simple tests can each person.

    How to check the microphone on the computer

    If you do not hear any sound when connecting the microphone to the computer, this does not indicate a malfunction of the microphone. It is possible that the problem lies in improperly setting up the programs of your computer or in the wrong connection. Therefore, first of all, you should check which output you connected the microphone to. The microphone output has a corresponding icon and / or is colored pink.

    If the microphone is connected correctly, but there is still no sound, then you should start the mixer program. In the settings of this program, find the display of inputs.Then additionally turn on the display of the microphone input and adjust its parameters.

    How to check if the microphone is working

    Your microphone is absolutely connected to the computer and configured. However, despite this, he does not record sounds. The reason for this may be either a malfunction of the microphone itself, or a malfunction of the sound card or its incorrect configuration. You can check if the microphone is working by connecting it to another computer. If the microphone on it also does not work, then it is defective and needs to be replaced or in repair. If your microphone will record sounds on another computer, then you should check the health and settings of your computer's sound card.

    You can check whether the microphone is working by connecting a battery with a voltage of 1.5 V.

    How to check the microphone on the headphones

    In order to check the microphone on the headphones, you must first pay attention to the correctness of its connection. The microphone plug should be inserted into the pink socket, sometimes the microphone pictogram (picture) can be applied next to it.

    Then click the "Start" button and from the menu that opens, select "Control Panel" and then "Sounds and Devices." After that go to the “Audio” tab. Select the “Record Sound” section. This tab contains the default microphone output of the sound card. If it suddenly turns out that you have two exits, then you should choose one of them that suits you (REAR (rear input) or FRONT (front input)).

    After that, we continue to check the microphone. To do this, in the "Record sound" tab, click the "Volume" button. Be sure to check the box in the "Microphone" column. Using the slider, set the volume level to the maximum level (in the future, if necessary, you can always reduce the volume).

    Close all tabs and check again how your microphone is sounding. If the sound is still not audible, then check the headphones with a microphone on another computer.

    How to check the microphone in Skype

    Check the operation of the microphone in Skype is very simple. First connect the microphone to your computer, then run the program. In the contact list, select "Echo / Sound Test Service".Make a free test call, during which you will be asked to record your short message after the signal and then listen to it. When setting up the microphone and program correctly, you should hear the message you recorded.

    If you do not hear your message, then select the “Check Settings” tab and adjust the recording volume, then make the call to the test center again and check your microphone.

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