• How to check money on the card?

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    How to check money on the card?

    Previously, wages were issued at the box office, because of which they had to stand in line for several hours and spend their personal time. Today it is difficult to imagine. Fortunately, now money is transferred to bank cards, so you need to know how to check the balance and how to monitor your account balance. In this article, just tell you how to check the money on the card.

    Checking the balance

    There are several ways to check the balance:

    • Internet banking;
    • ATM;
    • SMS informing;
    • using the phone.

    Internet banking

    The easiest way to check the balance is using the Internet. All you need is to connect to the online banking system of the financial institution serving you. This service allows you to monitor your account status at any time. In order to log in, you must first register on the website of your bank, and then enter your login and password. In addition, using the Internet bank, you can pay bills and get statements on the operations performed.

    If you are a Sberbank card user, then you need to go to the site and select the Sberbank Online section, after which you need to enter the login and password that you made when registering your online wallet.


    If you have no reason to use the Internet for any reason, you can check the balance using an ATM. To do this, in the bank branch, you must enter the card in the ATM. After you specify the password, click "Account Balance", and the balance of your card will be displayed on the screen. In addition, it can be printed immediately. Also, many banks allow you to receive an ATM statement of the recent operations performed. Basically it is 6 - 7 operations. You can view all transactions and, if necessary, print them.

    Using ATMs, you should remember about the card that must be removed from the device.

    SMS informing

    SMS informing is another modern way to check balance. If you want to check money on the Sberbank card, then for this you need to activate the Mobile Bank service. To check the balance you need to send an SMS message to the number 900 with the text "01" or "balance" and adding the last four digits of your card number. In a few minutes SMS will come with a balance card.This method also allows you to check your account status at any time.

    In order to use this service of other banks, you need to consult about this with the bank�s specialists or to clarify the information on the relevant page of the bank�s website.

    Telephone hotline

    If you have noticed suspicious transactions that were performed from your card, then it is better to dial the hotline number of your bank and check the status of the balance. In order to identify the caller, the operator may ask to name the code word that you come up with during the registration of the card, and the number of your card. If you cooperate with Sberbank, then the hotline number in Russia is 8-800-555-5550.

    By calling the required phone number, you can not only check the balance, but also find out what operations were performed on the card, and in case of fraudulent actions, even block the card until the circumstances are clarified.

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