• How to change the entry in the workbook

    For example, you made a mistake when entering information about the position of an employee. Remember that it is impossible to gloss over, wipe and cross out the wrong information in this section! In this case, below the line, make a correction entry by inscribing a new sequence number, date, and the following wording “Record by number (specify which) is invalid” in the column. Next, write clarifying wording, for example: "Admitted to the financial department for an accountant position." In column 4, be sure to indicate the number and date of the order of the head, on the basis of which the information is entered. Information about the awards should be entered in the same way.
    What to do if an error is made in the name employee? In this case, cross out the wrong information with one line, and next write the correct information about the person. On the inside, enter information about the changes made, that is, enter the name,date and number of the confirming document; verify the information with the seal of the organization and the signature of the responsible person, for example, the head of the personnel department. The passport of a person, certificate of registration or divorce, certificate of birth can be referred to supporting documents. Change the data is necessary on the basis of the order to change the employee's personal information. Similarly, you should make the adjustment data on the date of birth.
    If you want to change educational information, simply enter new information separated by commas. The record may look like this: “Secondary, higher”. Most often, such changes are made in case of receipt by the employee of education, above specified.
    In the process of labor relations, an employee may make a mistake when entering information about an organization, for example, a name. In this case, you must make a correction entry, not referring to the order. The wording may look like this: “The name of the organization is written incorrectly. It should be read (indicate the correct). "
    Well, what if the mistake was not made by you,And the personnel employee from the former place of work of the employee? According to the Instructions for completing employment records, you can make changes yourself on the basis of supporting documents. This may be a copy of the order from the previous place of work. If the mistake was made during the initial filling of the employment record, fill in the new document, and write down the spoiled one and destroy it.

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