• How to cause rain?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    July 22, 2014
    How to cause rain?

    In ancient times, in order to cause rain, it was necessary to go to a shaman or a sorcerer who conducted a special rite. Today, anyone can conduct a ritual, it is enough to have certain knowledge and comply with all regulations.

    How to make rain to modern man?

    To cause rain, you should conduct a ceremony for which you must have at your fingertips the following items:

    • a hammer;
    • water bottle;
    • sheet of any metal.

    It is necessary to go into the forest, taking with them the above-named objects, and to find an even stump there. You should put a sheet on it and beat it with a hammer, imitating the rumble of thunder. A few minutes will be enough. Then you need to take the bottle and slowly pour water out of it. After that you can go home. Rain should go in the next day.

    Challenge of rain after a long drought

    This ritual to call for rain is allowed to be performed only after a long drought. After sunset, you need to go to a pond with natural water, undress naked and go into the water along the neck. Then you need to say the following spell three times: “Water-water,miss you. Life without you is not sweet to me. Save quickly, do not let me die. "

    After that, you need to wash your face and head with water, take water into a prepared container, go ashore, get dressed and go home. The vessel with water must be left on the doorstep by opening the cork.

    The next day, you should get up at sunrise, take a vessel with you and splash water around the garden or simply from the balcony if you live in an apartment. It should rain in 48 hours.

    Summoning Rain with a Wreath

    The most effective ways to cause rain are those during which spells are cast. To call the rain, you can try the next rite.

    We need to collect dry flowers and weave a wreath from them. Then you have to go to the river, throw a wreath into the water and say the following spell: “My seven-flower flower died, I died without a water, I dried out without rain. You float, wreath, far to the edge, rich in water at the edge, ask the water to visit us. ” If you want to hold this ceremony with greater efficiency, you will have to cry. It is important that your tears fall into the river.

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