• How to catch rakolovkoy?

    October 28, 2014
    How to catch rakolovkoy?

    Despite large-scale pollution of the environment, crayfish can still be caught in the rivers and lakes of our country (these arthropods live mostly in clean running water). They can be found in the reeds, under the snag, in the sand. And you can catch with the help of rakolovka - quite effective fishing gear. How to catch crayfish with a raskolovka is described in this article.

    Making rakolovka

    You can, of course, buy this gear in the store, but the easiest way is to make it yourself. It consists of a ring of thick wire mesh and a cord for raising and lowering.

    First we manufacture a ring with a diameter of just under a meter. To do this, we bend the wire in a circle, and twist its ends for each other or we weld. Burrs are treated with a file, since the ends should not be sharp. We take a small fishing net and cut a sack from it in size with a small reserve. It should sag slightly when lifting. Sew the net with nylon thread to the base. To the ring we tie evenly pieces of a kapron cord on three sides.We connect them together with a strong knot, and from above we tie a long strong cord, for which the cracker will rise from the water (a small foam plastic is also needed to detect tackles). As you can see, making a tackle is easy enough, and it will not take you much time (about, about an hour). Read more about how to make tackle, read our article How to make a raskolovka.

    Now we proceed to the process itself: how to catch with a rakolovka.


    1. Tackle is most effective to leave in the pond at night, and pick up in the morning. In order to increase the amount of catch, it is recommended to throw several crushers at once (and preferably a dozen) at different places that were looked after in advance. Then, in the worst case, a bucket of crayfish is provided for you.
    2. If you catch from the shore, the gear must be tied to trees or metal sticks stuck in the ground.
    3. If you are throwing from a boat, you must have a foam float, painted in bright colors: red, orange, crimson, so that your cracking in the morning can be easily detected.
    4. As bait you can use meat, bread, small fish. By experience, very well they “go” to slightly foul burgers.Lures must be folded in a special gauze bag, and tied to the center of the net. Then it will not be washed away by the flow, and the cancer that came to profit will not carry off the treat.

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