• How to calm the hair?

    Good afternoon! Tell me, I have wavy hair, I put them on the skin, hair creams, but as soon as the humidity on the street they go as they want in different directions. What to do so that they do not curl?


    There are products labeled Anti Frizz (for unruly hair) - this is your first step, then experiment and look for your product! There is no universal remedy to soothe all the hair, but many oils can help. I do not know what kind of wave you have, but the pomegranate oil for hair can be of help!


    Not only pomegranate, any oil will do.

    Maybe make the alignment in the barbershop, it will be cool!

    but the lamination of the hair did not try, though not for long, but it helps!

    Straighten and tighten with foam.

    I did in a similar case Botox for hair and happiness for hair.

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