• How to call from Turkey?

    Alina Alexandrova
    Alina Alexandrova
    January 30, 2013
    How to call from Turkey?

    Want to call from Turkey to the Russian Federation, landline or mobile phone? Then read how to do it. We will tell you right now how to call from Turkey via landline and mobile phone:

    You can call from Turkey to the Russian Federation on a landline phone like this:

    The international telephone code in Russia is 7 (seven). The set of numbers should be as follows: 00 (international code) 7-xxxxxxxx (subscriber number)

    • 00 - code for accessing a special international line from a landline phone.
    • Next 7 - international phone code in Russia
    • Next, a set of numbers (495) is the Moscow code and dial the number of the subscriber.

    If you need to dial another city, then instead of the Moscow code (495), dial the code of another city. So, the combination of numbers is as follows: 007 - the city code of the Russian Federation - the subscriber number.

    You can call from Turkey to the Russian Federation on a mobile phone as follows:

    • +7 (XXX-operator code) -XXX-XX-XX (subscriber number).

    To call from hotels in Turkey is expensive. Therefore, travel agencies recommend buying a SIM card from one of the Russian operators and enjoying high-quality communications.Thus, you will have the opportunity to talk with Russian subscribers at a special - reduced price.

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