• How to call each other?

    People differ from the animal world in that they are able to make friends, meet and live in a couple all their life. That is, humanity is constantly learning to communicate, develops speech as a means of communication. Each new generation has its own buzzwords that are not inherent in the literary language. They can be used to determine the age and years in which the youth of an individual fell.

    A special place in communication is the name or nickname of each member of society. When people communicate closely, even intimately, they come up with each other some special names, names that hint at the properties of the character, last name or just caress the ear. For example, how to call each other a guy with a girl, if they are just friends? After all, there is the concept of "friendship", even if it happened between people who could become a couple.

    The guy and the girl - not always a couple

    If the couple is just talking to each other, you can call each other by name, or somehow fun, with humor. Remember the children's and adolescent companies, where Vitaly - Vetal, Natasha - Nataha, Ira - Toffee.Such a modification of the name will be a shame, and at the same time will make it clear that you know each other well. If you need to introduce such a friend to society, then “my girlfriend”, “combat friend” or “friend” will do the job.

    Couple in love

    If a girl and a guy meet, they also want to have words for a partner that would show the degree of affection and love. To call each other by name is of course necessary, but not always. A couple can create their own language, their buzzwords, and call each other affectionately. You can refer to a girl with adjectives: “incomparable,” “beloved,” “native.” And you can call her a kitten or a sweetie. The guy can be accessed the same way, especially guys like the derivative of the name. For example, Alexander - Shurik, Alex or Alexandrite. Some are impressed by the reminder that he is dear to his girlfriend: “my miracle” or “diamond”.


    If the friendship took place between people of the same sex, which is considered commonplace, people also have to invent each other names and nicknames. How to call each other to two boyfriends? The word "friend", pronounced in other languages, sounds fresh and natural, for example, amigo, ami, or comrad.Often the guys call each other a sidekick or spine. And a friend or a friend.

    Two girls (and sometimes friends with large companies) can refer to each other by reducing the name. It sounds a bit Western-style: Violetta-Vilu, Lilia-Lee. If the girlfriend is thin, you can call the bun (so as not to offend), if you like to eat - a hamster. More girls love derivatives from the names: Abramov - Abrashka, Pechkina - Pechka, and Petrov - Petr or Petrushka.

    Whatever name you have come up with your friend - it is important not to hook the person to the sick. If the girl is complex about the crooked legs, do not call her Wheel, and painfully thin - Anorexia. And if the nickname is meaningful, but not offensive, it will surely take root and create some kind of additional closeness between friends.

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