• What do you call a horse?

    Olga Kandayeva
    Olga Kandayeva
    January 17, 2013
    What do you call a horse?

    Some people think about how to name a horse, and experts believe that it is very difficult to name a horse. Finding a name for a horse can be compared with finding the name of a ship or the name of a child. It is worth remembering that the name of the horse must not only be euphonic, but also must meet certain requirements and laws that are known only to experienced horse breeders.

    How to choose a name for the horse

    Among the basic rules that say how a horse can be called, it should be emphasized that a person should not use the names of people, especially famous people, should not use the names of goods if he does not have permission to do so. Abusive words are also prohibited. It is also worth remembering that only real riding horses can have a long name of up to twenty-seven characters, but the usual Orlov trotter should have a nickname not exceeding 16 characters. However, there are a number of rules that relate only to individual breeds of horses.Thus, the Arabian horses or thoroughbreds must have a nickname, which begins with the first letter of the name of the mother. Some even adhere to the rule that in the middle there should be the initial letter of the father's name. From the seventeenth century, the foal could be called completely by the name of the mother, changing only the genus to the male, for example, there were cases when the horses were called, folding the initial syllables of the names of the parents, the name of Acceleration, the son of Rogue and Race.

    What groups are the names of horses

    Many experts also share the nicknames of horses by semantic groups - these can be the names of the elements or objects - Wind, Thunderstorm, and toponyms can also be used - American, Asian. A foal could get a name that reflected his character, Clever Man, Chudila. You can often find the names of the horses, which seemed to display the battle cry - Fly away, most often the nickname underlined its dignity. If you are wondering why a horse was named a horse, it means the owner had its foundations, and the word horse itself is borrowed from the Türkic language and means the word horse.

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