• How to call a cafe?

    Vladislav Meriin
    Vladislav Meriin
    March 7, 2013
    How to call a cafe?

    Just like the theater begins with a hanger, the cafe's face is its name. The name of the cafe should be sonorous, memorable and associative. People, who have been in your cafe, and passing by, should not forget the beautiful setting and the interesting name of your establishment. So, how can you call a cafe?

    • Start from the theme of the institution. In order to emphasize the exclusivity and thematic component of your institution, it is worth focusing on this not only in the menu, but also in the name itself. For example, having heard the sweet French "Le Mag", ordinary people will immediately realize that they are heading to an exquisite French cafe with traditional French croissants and puff pastry. And with the phrase "Quickly Sushi", without any effort, it becomes clear that this is a cafe of Chinese cuisine with famous sushi or sake.
    • Do not be afraid to be funny. Often, when the owner of an institution thinks of what to call a cafe, he wants something refined and pathetic. Remember that people love humor and take it with pleasure.Comical name of the institution will automatically interest visitors. This will enter the people and attract new customers, at least, simply because of interest. At the same time, the atmosphere in the institution with a funny name is created automatically, benevolent and positive.
    • Also, it is useful to raise the question of how to call a cafe-bar. Bar - this is a completely different type of institution, in which the easiest way to emphasize its importance and hospitality. Calling the bar your last name will easily turn your name into a brand, especially if you have a resounding last name. The status and superiority of the bar will give the name created in collaboration with well-known trademarks with which you can enter into an agreement, and whose well-known name and reputation will only play into your hands and allow you to increase profits.

    Remember that, nevertheless, not the name is the main thing, but the atmosphere and level of service. In your institution should be all harmoniously. Everything should motivate people to come here again and again.

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