• How to buy property in the Czech Republic

    Start by exploring the real estate market in the Czech Republic. The price will depend on the location of the object. In Prague, prices are higher than in the country. Browse the sites for the sale of housing. Decide where you would like to purchase an apartment (house). If you like something, specify the details of interest. Collect as much information as possible.
    Go to the Czech Republic. Explore Prague and its surroundings. Having decided on the place of purchase, look at the maximum number of proposed options. Select the apartment you like the most and go there again. Make your choice and discuss the final price with the seller.
    Sign a reservation agreement for the selected accommodation. Keep in mind that it must contain the amount of collateral, the terms of the transaction and the refusal to purchase, the consequences of breach of contract and the size of fines. In most cases, the amount of the reservation does not exceed 10% of the value of the property. However, remember that if you decide to withdraw from the transaction, you will lose the amount paid.
    Sign the main sales contract with the notary and deposit the remaining money. Place them in the bank box or transfer to a special notary account. Sign an additional contract for keeping money and write down the conditions under which the amount of money will be transferred to the seller or returned to you.
    The next step will be the re-registration of the apartment to the new owner. All documents will be submitted to the real estate cadastre at the location of housing. Pay a state fee of 20 euros. When the record is changed, the seller will receive the remainder of the money.
    After that, the actual transfer of housing to the new owner will occur and a protocol will be drawn up with a detailed inventory of movable property, the amount of utility bills and other important details. Then the phone, water, gas, etc. will be transferred to your name. Register with the tax office and enter into an insurance contract.
    Keep in mind that the remuneration of a real estate agency is 3% of the cost of housing. But you do not have to pay anything. As a rule, this amount is paid by the seller.

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