• How to buy gold bullion

    So for a start, examine what kind ofgoldYou need an ingot - what its quality should be. To ingots of excellent condition are ingots that have a certificate of the manufacturer and other accompanying documentation in a readable and whole form, as well as on which there are no scratches, chips and scuffs. If any of the above is omitted, it is considered that such an ingot has a satisfactory condition. The price of gold in thebullion.
    Then select the bank in which you intend to buy (and maybe later on stored)gold�atbullion. This should be a stable bank with a fairly high rating. The leading banks of the country have their own provisions on the quality, level of pollution, as well as the integrity of the documentation, in particular, the certificates of the manufacturer.
    If the bank suits you in terms of reliability and price, take an identity card with you (a civil passport is enough) and, preferably warning of your visit, go to the bank office to make a deal.All operations with gold bars should be made in your presence. You should familiarize yourself with the documents and with your own eyes follow the numbers on the scales during check weighing. Gold weight will be recorded with an accuracy of 0.01 grams. You must give a cash document, which will reflect the name of the metal, the price of the ingot, its mass, number, purity level, the total number of ingots purchased, as well as the date of the transaction and the total amount you paid.
    If you buygold�atbullionIt is worth considering where to store it. If you do not have a safe at home, you should leave the bar in the bank where you purchased it. In this case, you can also save money. In particular, the VAT at the rate of 18%, included in the price of the ingot, you pay for the purchase, and for the sale of gold at the market price, you will not be able to return it. However, there is one condition. Due to the fact that the turnover of authorized banks are exempt from value added tax, you can also not pay this tax. That is, if you don�t take an ingot from a bank�s certified depository and place it on your metal account, then the amount of VAT will not be included in the cost of yourgoldgo ingot.

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