• How to buy a dog?

    Before you go to buy a dog, you should once again carefully think about whether you need a new family member in your house or not. After crossing the threshold of your home, a small barking or whining lump automatically becomes the youngest member of your family and, like everyone, it will require attention and care towards yourself. That is why you should weigh the pros and cons of buying a dog well. And if a decision is made to buy a dog, then you need to decide on which dog to buy, because there are so many breeds.

    Nursery or market

    Of course, a good puppy can be bought from someone with hands or on the market. But only this is a rather risky event, if only because the dog may be sick. You can learn more about where it is better to buy a dog by reading the article “Where to buy a dog?”.

    A good option is to choose a puppy in the nursery or at the breeder's house. Only this way you will be able to assess the quality of care for dogs, see the puppy’s parents and littermates. And besides, you will be able to choose among several puppies the one who you will like.

    For some, buying a puppy is the fulfillment of a childhood dream.After all, everyone at a childhood age was visited by thoughts like these: “That's when I grow up, buy a dog, a puppy or a kitten.” And at the moment of the child's dream coming true, taking a puppy in his arms, everyone silently counts the money, without bothering to ask at least a couple of questions about the pedigree and puppy health, as well as about the features of caring for him.

    A few recommended questions:

    • Do parents have a puppy pedigree (if you plan to participate in exhibitions, then the pedigree must meet all international standards)?
    • How many puppies are in this litter (according to international standards there should be no more than six)?
    • Puppy age (it is not recommended to take a puppy that has not reached 1.5 months).

    Choosing a puppy

    When choosing a puppy, it is advisable to turn to people who know how to buy a dog and who are knowledgeable in the breeds and nature of dogs. If there are no such people and there is no one to prompt, then pay attention to the puppy's behavior. A healthy puppy is mobile, active and curious, and also has a clean shiny coat, it does not have any discharge from the eyes, nose, ears. You should not take the largest puppy from the litter or the smallest.

    When choosing a puppy of a large breed (for example, a shepherd dog or a mastiff), dogs with dysplasia should be excluded, which manifests itself at an older age and cannot be treated. Usually, X-rays of the hip joint are attached to large breed puppies and the veterinarian’s conclusion that this dog is absent.

    In addition, the puppy should not be cowardly. This quality is easy to check, slamming loudly over his head, the coward will immediately lower his ears and press himself to the floor, and the brave will look for the source of an unusual sound. The behavior of a good puppy as a whole can be described as exploratory, but by no means aggressive or nervous.

    Questions after

    When taking a puppy you like, do not forget to ask the following questions:

    • How often and how was the puppy fed (it is impossible to drastically change the usual diet, otherwise the dog may have problems with the digestive tract)?
    • What vaccinations are made, and which ones and when to be done?
    • When and which anthelmintic drugs were given to the puppy?

    Purpose of the Beagles

    Before you buy a hound dog, you need to know that most of the representatives of this type of breeds can not be kept in the apartment. For such dogs, a large space is needed where she will be allowed to run.Otherwise, the dog will be bored and yearn, and with a lack of movement can develop various diseases of the paws. For an apartment, the ideal option is representatives of the basset hound or basset artesian-norman breed, who love coziness and comfort and can live in a family. Pinchers and terriers also get along well in the family, are very devoted to their owner and have good guard qualities.

    Representatives of miniature breeds

    Representatives of the Chihuahua breed - the most ideal option if you decide to buy a small dog, because they have the most stable psyche among all breeds of miniature dogs. Moreover, it is believed that the longer the dog, the more gentle and patient will be its character. All members of this breed are very dedicated to the owner.

    Pekingese is a small, good-natured and cheerful dog, suitable for families with children. Japanese chin is suitable for lovers of peace and tranquility, since it is precisely the nature of the representatives of this breed who are ideal for living in apartments. Dachshunds are miniature, agile and hardy dogs with an independent character, but at the same time they are completely devoted to their owner, who is chosen for life.

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