• How to build frame houses

    Inexpensive and reliable frame houses have become a symbol of modern housing. These buildings are being built quite simply: special knowledge and skills are not required. The developer needs only to understand the main technological aspects of each stage of construction, and his housing will meet the required standards.

    Materials and tools that will be needed for the construction of a frame house

    Any building of this type is a "skeleton" of vertical supports, interconnected by horizontal straps. This frame is sheathed on both sides with OSB plates. In the space between the racks lay insulation. The outer side of the walls and roofing space is protected with waterproofing material.
    For the construction of a frame house, OSB plates with a thickness of 9 mm, a well-dried bar with a section of 15/20 or 15/15 cm, boards of 5/15 and 5/20 cm, metal corners for connecting frame elements, brackets for fastening the beams of the lower and upper straps are needed , "Studs" or an anchor for attracting timber to the foundation, insulation, waterproofing material, nails, screws on wood.
    Of the tools needed: a screwdriver on batteries, a drill, levels of construction and hydraulic, tape measure, hammers, metal square, circular saw, butt saw (for more accurate sawing of the ends of boards and beams), gage (help to make lumber the same size that simplify and accelerate the installation of the frame and truss system).

    Construction stages of a frame house

    First build the supporting structure of the building - the foundation. For this type of building, the best choice would be shallow-tape or columnar foundations. Any of them can be built with your own hands. The sequence of work is as follows: marking the site and installing the pegs, forming a trench or pit under the pillars, tamping and leveling the bottom of the trench, laying roofing material (2-3 layers), filling sand and gravel, installing the formwork, laying the reinforcing frame, pouring concrete.
    On the foundation, they mount the lower trim of the timber, then proceed to install the vertical supports of the frame (use boards), which are connected from above by horizontally laid bars (upper trim). During installation of the frame, window and door openings are reinforced with horizontal crossbars and vertical supports from the same planks.In order to be able to work indoors, lags are laid and floorboards are laid.
    Next, proceed to the construction of the truss system. Each owner seeks to make the roof as quickly as possible to protect the lumber from rain and snow. Therefore, after installing the rafters, they install waterproofing, crate and put roofing material (metal tile, professional sheet, Ondulin, etc.).
    If a stove is provided in the house, a separate foundation is poured for it, a stove and a chimney are built, and a pipe is brought out.
    Next, proceed to the external wall cladding OSB. After that, inside the premises make a bookmark insulation. A vapor barrier membrane is laid on top of it. With the help of OSB plates, the inner walls of a frame house are mounted. The next stage of work is the installation of finishing materials.

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