• How to build a house of timber?

    Wooden houses made of timber can attract the attention of people who dream of building their own homes. In addition to the excellent view, this house has a number of advantages for living, and the main ones are reliability and environmental friendliness. How to fulfill the dream and build your own house out of a bar? This site will help you.

    The main condition for the construction of a house of timber is the preparation of the right materials. A few months before the proposed construction, proceed to the preparation of a flat area with a canopy. It is important not to allow contact with the ground of wood. Perform a thorough cleaning of the timber, dry it and soak it several times with antiseptics. The antiseptic will saturate the dried wood much better.

    So, the foundation of every home is the foundation. You can choose a columnar or pile foundation, the choice of the evenness of the surface of the site and the type of soil. Conducting the construction of houses under the roof, it is preferable to choose a pile foundation, since it is more durable and reliable, but it will cost more than a columnar one. While the pile foundation allows you to organize the cellar and the ground floor.

    According to its technology, the construction of walls from a bar in two-storey houses resembles a designer’s collection rather. Good thermal insulation is achievable only if profiled wood is used. There are various ways of making corner joints - “in the paw” (the bars from the ends are connected without a residue in the corners, not going beyond the walls) or “in the oblo” (opposite to the previous method). When planning further home insulation and finishing it, it is better not to use the latter method.

    The walls of the house are built on the first crown, and here it is - the main and most important one. The quality of the walls depends on the correct installation. Lay the first crown on the foundation leveled and covered with a protective layer. At the corners, connect in half-tree (regardless of the chosen method of corner joints). Secure the timber with dowels, cover with a compactor in the form of tow, flax, or moss. Then make the following calculations wreaths on this scheme.

    Together with the first crown of the timber you need to lay the foundation for the floor. It is better that it is double, and there is a layer of insulation in it. Finishing floors are laid in the next stage of construction, when it shrinks.

    A huge and important role in the assembly of walls belongs to the nagels, which help in joining the beams together and prevent them from shrinking when they are twisted. Bolts are usually made of birch or oak wood, have a diameter of several centimeters. In a checkerboard pattern, drill holes in the timber for the dowels and insert them with little effort. Often, the owners of the future house as the attic suggest a second floor, so the insulation of the roof is necessary.

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