• How to build a chart?

    Most people are currently working at a computer. Yes, computers occupy a huge place in our lives. Many already do not even use calculators, it is enough to make a sign in which you just need to insert a formula, and the program itself will take everything. Sometimes it is better to use diagrams with the help of which you can visually monitor the changes in a given indicator. You are not so familiar with office software, and immediately wondered how to build charts, do not worry, everything is quite simple.

    Charting in Microsoft Office Excel

    Microsoft Office Excel is quite a powerful tool that allows you to process huge amounts of data and, as a result, it is convenient to visualize them. One of the ways to visualize data is an Excel diagram, which allows you to create a huge number of different diagrams. And now let's look at how to make charts for Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and 2010. Creating charts in these two versions is different, and the process of building charts in version 2007 is very similar to version 2010, which is why we will not consider it.

    How to build a Microsoft Office Excel 2003 diagram:

    • To begin, open Microsoft Office Excel and create a new book in which we create a table with data.
    • Select the created table
    • Go to the menu "Insert" and click on the "Diagram"
    • Before us opens a window where you need to select a data source to create a chart. Due to the fact that we chose the source table before creating the chart, we must fill in the data in the Range field ourselves, then click Next.
    • Next we have the next window, where we must specify the settings for our chart. Here you can specify the name of the chart itself, the name of its axes, you can customize the legend, the grid lines and set data labels.
    • Next, you need to select the place where our chart will be inserted, and click "Finish".

    And now about how to create a chart in Microsoft Office Excel 2010. Everything is simple here - almost all actions are the same as in version 2003, the only difference is that after clicking the "Insert" button, the diagram appears on the current sheet. And to customize the created chart, you need to right-click on it and select the “Format Chart Area” item, where you can find many different settings.

    Charts in Microsoft Office Word

    Microsoft Office Word is a text editor, but despite this, its work is not limited to text entry. It is also possible to work with graphic objects and even with diagrams. You immediately thought about how to make a diagram in Microsoft Office Word, so let's look at some sequence of actions.

    • In order to start plotting in Microsoft Office Word, you should have at least the slightest idea of ​​how to make charts and graphs using another program - Microsoft Office Excel
    • So, launch the Word editor and create a new document (or use an existing file), then set the mouse cursor in the place where our diagram will be located. Then we go to the “Insert” tab, where we click on the “Illustrations” section and click on the “Diagram”.
    • Next, we will see the Insert Chart window, which will be divided into two parts. Here in the left you need to select the "Graph" item and click on it with the left mouse button, selecting it in this way. In the right part you need to choose the type you like for our schedule. Select the necessary thumbnail with the left mouse button and click OK.
    • Then we wait for the opening of the Microsoft Office Excel document.Do not be surprised, but the workspace will change its appearance. The left side of the screen is the Word document, and the right side is Exsel. On the Excel sheet, you need to enter the data we need, set the required parameters, rename the coordinate axes and change the data range.
    • The moment you enter data in Excel, then you can observe the changes in the Word document that is on the left side of the screen. After you finish editing the chart data, you just need to close the Excel document using the cross in the upper right corner.
    • If you suddenly want to change the chart, then you need to go to the “Work with Charts” context menu, it will become active if you select any element in the chart area. Even if we made a mistake in data entry, then you can go to the "Work with Charts" menu, there you will find the "Designer" tab, where in the "Data" section you simply click on the "Edit Data" button.

    Here's how to make a diagram with a text editor.

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