• How to brew the right coffee at home?

    For a long time, coffee is a favorite and very popular drink among different nations and nationalities, legends are made about its cooking secrets, fashion for this drink has seized our lands relatively recently, the only problem is the lack of ability to brew coffee properly.

    With this drink nothing compares

    After all, this drink has a truly incredible aroma, divine taste and has its own beneficial properties, but you can forget about all of this at once, if you do not learn how to make coffee in a certain way.

    It is not for nothing that they say that he has his own soul, because it’s not just a drink, but a whole centuries-old story embedded in one circle: romantic dates, winter evenings, business meetings and socializing with friends, because all this is often accompanied by an unforgettable taste of coffee.

    The aroma and incredibly pleasant aftertaste - that's what should always be associated with a cup of well brewed coffee.

    One of the popular legends explains the origin of coffee like this: it was in the 8th century AD,a lone shepherd from Ethiopia herd his flock, there grew a strange plant with grains, after eating which, the sheep behaved more vigorously and more actively.

    Naturally, it became interesting to people what kind of miracle fruits they are, after which they thoroughly tasted the aroma and taste of this wonderful plant. It is believed that coffee gained worldwide popularity only after it was brought to Istanbul in 1475, at the same time the first coffee shop opened, the owner of which had no problems with customers. Coffee was brought to Europe in the 17th century, its fate changed and developed, but now it is considered to be the most popular drink in the world.

    The main thing is to choose the grain

    Nowadays, you can count hundreds of ways and recipes for making this incredible drink that people have not invented in order to more enjoy the unforgettable taste of coffee.

    It is believed that the correct and delicious coffee can be prepared exclusively in two ways - in a Turk or in a coffee maker. Fans and beginners in this business are often interested in how to make coffee in a turk at home, because this is, in fact, the most accessible and interesting way of preparation.

    But coffee drinking is not only a process of taking a liquid, but also a fascinating and peculiar action that describes the process of its preparation.

    By the way, in Turkey, the Turks are called jazz, it is believed that a good Turk should be made of copper, as it retains heat for a long time and heats up quickly, besides it should be equipped with a narrow neck.

    If you are concerned about acquiring a new Turk, then it's better to pay attention to small variations, with a volume of 1-2 servings. If you are even going to brew this amazing drink for a big company, then it is better to do it gradually, without haste, personally for each person.

    Porcelain Turks are also considered to be good, the only thing is that they are quite expensive and short-lived, it is necessary to constantly monitor the temperature affecting them, to protect them from shocks and falls.

    What you need to make delicious coffee?


    First of all, this is, of course, a Turk, but we have already talked about it and you, probably, have already made your choice in favor of one or another variation. The following is a gas stove, nowadays, of course, almost everyone has it, but if there is no such one, then in no case can you brew coffee with a kettle, it is better to just pour boiling water on it.

    By the way, making coffee in Turkish has its own specific way, and if you find hot sand in your home, then you will definitely be able to cope with this task.

    Learning to make coffee is easy

    Turks immerse the jets almost completely into the hot sand, where it warms evenly, during cooking the drug should not boil, so the turk is driven along the sand in circular motions, as if describing the figure eight. But we, nevertheless, dwell on the usual methods of cooking for us.

    The next moment is a coffee grinder. Remember that good coffee is the one that you just got out of the pack, ground and then brewed.

    It is believed that the drink turns out to be tastier when the grains are ground on a manual coffee grinder; they do not get very hot there. But if you have an electric coffee grinder for a long time, it's not a problem, the only thing is better that it works silently, otherwise early in the morning the sound of her work can awaken all the inhabitants of the house.


    In order to brew coffee beans with froth at home, you need to get the beans themselves, otherwise you will hardly think of something.

    The choice of grains is, of course, a purely individual matter, someone loves soft varieties, someone likes a stronger one.

    The taste and character of coffee is influenced by many factors: where the grains are grown, how much and how carefully they were stored, how carefully they were processed and harvested.

    Of course, you can choose the best drink for yourself based on your own preferences, but there are some recommendations for choosing it: purchase only freshly roasted grains.

    In general, it is believed that after roasting coffee can be stored only 2-10 days, then it loses its unique flavors and notes. Lucky people who know how to fry the grains themselves, but it's not so simple, and it's better for beginners in this matter not to climb, otherwise you can forever ruin your impression of this drink.

    A variety of coffees is amazing

    By the way, some prefer to buy green coffee, for those who are not in the subject, it is not a drink of green color, it is the same coffee, it's just that its grains are not roasted, but sent to the jar immediately after the initial treatment.

    It is these grains that can be roasted on their own, which, by the way, is what Brazilians prefer to do. You will probably find it interesting how to make green coffee, maybe there is a special technology for this, would a Turk or a coffee maker be suitable for this purpose?

    In fact, the technology remains unchanged, it does not have to be fried, but by the way, it can be brewed directly in a mug, but this is certainly an option for lazy and very busy.In addition to the coffee itself, you will need all sorts of additives that you like - sugar, condiments, such as cinnamon, ginger, nuts, cumin, some even like coffee with pepper or salt.

    Getting started to make coffee

    After the grains have been ground, put two teaspoons in the turk (the amount depends on your tastes, there may be 2 tablespoons) of ground coffee, add some sugar and cinnamon, pour cold water, it is desirable that its level ends at the level of narrowing neck turks.

    We put it on a strong fire and wait, periodically stirring the contents. As soon as the mixture is thoroughly warmed, we reduce the fire to a minimum and continue to observe, stir. As soon as a foam begins to form on the surface, then we remove the turku, coffee cannot be brought to a boil!

    Let the turk cool down a bit and send it to the gas again, as soon as it starts to boil, remove it again. Such manipulations are repeated several times, after which the coffee can be considered ready. It is best to pour the coffee in pre-prepared warm mugs.

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