• How to breed bees

    First you need to find out what breeds of bees are taking root in your territory, what conditions are needed so that the apiary is not subjected to environmental stress, which diseases of bees are the most dangerous. A prerequisite for starting in beekeeping is the ability to deal with bees, because they are very nervous and unpredictable insects, which can cause any sudden movement.

    In order to properly contain the bees, each beginning beekeeper must acquire equipment that includes: a smoker, a chisel, a pasture, a swarm, a honey extractor, and other objects. Clothing beekeeper should be light, preferably white.

    You should also take care of the hives - they should be properly designed and placed in the apiary as convenient as possible for bees and beekeeper. Particular zeal in beekeeping may induce you to make the hive yourself, then you should follow the manufacturing technology and the proportions of the hive as accurately as possible.With certain skills, making a hive will not make a big puzzle, but if you do not have the necessary skills, you can purchase ready-made hives.

    Each season requires special handling of the bees. It is necessary to study in detail what works, in what season are carried out. You should find out how to make the wintering for bees easier, what procedures they will need in the spring, what to do during periods of rains or droughts. In addition to climate adaptation, bees can have health problems due to excessive moisture, so before starting to breed bees, they should find a place for an apiary that will be dry, not weather-beaten and located near the honey-bearing vegetation and away from the accumulation of people and livestock. You need to know the list of plants that will be useful for bees.

    Great attention should be paid also to the biology of bees, their needs, and the details of life in a bee colony. You need to know how families evolve in order to increase their ability to work and endurance.

    Inspection of the nest is a means of preventing many problems, but in order to carry it out correctly, you need to know the technology of this process.Family inspection is practically one of the most important parts of the whole beekeeper labor. You should know how often and in what way an inspection should be carried out in order not to disturb the productivity of the family by improper invasion.

    This information is only a small part of everything that a beginning beekeeper should know. But those who do not retreat and decide to go to the end should not be afraid of the abundance of information, since all these nuances are learned in the course of the beekeeper�s activities and during practice are mastered quite easily.

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