• How to break down eating at night: the advice of a psychologist

    If you did not find time to have a bite during the working day and returned home late, it’s natural that you cannot fall asleep on an empty stomach. When this happens quite rarely, you will not call it a habit and you don’t need to worry especially. Another thing, when after dinner, after a while you feel the desire to eat, even without feeling the feeling of hunger. This is a psychological dependence, from which you can try to get rid of by self-hypnosis.
    Fool yourself and your stomach, try to give up the sandwich and instead eat a teaspoon of bran and drink them down with a glass of water. It will not be very tasty, but it is useful, and in the stomach there will be a feeling of fullness when it is filled with swollen bran. Instead of water, you can drink them with green tea without sugar, if you have problems with excess weight. Smash your appetite with low-calorie foods - green apples, leafy vegetables.
    Make it a rule to go for an evening walk at a time when you are drawn to the refrigerator.Come back before you go to bed, just have time to take a shower and brush your teeth. By the way, brushing your teeth is the strongest psychological “counterweight” to night raids on the fridge. After this procedure, your body understands that there is nothing to hope for, and there is nothing left for him to do but calmly to sleep.
    Eat often, but little by little. Be sure to fully eat throughout the day, i.e. You should have a hearty breakfast, lunch and snack in the form of a pair of hard-boiled eggs or apples. This will help you to go home not so hungry, especially if you are returning too late.
    Even if you force yourself not to gorge onnightwithin 5 days, your psychological dependence will be significantly weakened. Therefore, gather your willpower and be patient.

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