• How to bend the pipe?

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    How to bend the pipe?

    Sometimes, when performing various repairs, there is a need to roll up the pipe. It is quite simple to do this if you have special equipment. But we will reveal to you the secrets of how to bend a pipe without a pipe bender at home. Nothing is impossible if you aim.

    Metal pipes

    Pipes of this type are most often used for floor heating equipment. If curved pipes are included in its construction, then the efficiency of using plastic pipes increases.

    The easiest way to bend it is to apply physical force. Take the pipe closer to the edges and start bending it. In order not to break it, remember a simple rule: for every 2 cm of pipe, no more than 15 degrees of deflection is allowed. Of course, it is not always possible to bend a pipe beautifully in this way. Therefore, if you are concerned about the aesthetic side of the question, try another option. Fill the tube cavity with finely chopped wire and only then bend the tube.

    Unfortunately, not any pipe can be bent by hands.But there is a trouble-free way that requires additional equipment. So, in order to bend the metal-plastic pipe, you will need a blowtorch, wire, vice, plastic plugs, fine sand.

    Fill the tube cavity with sand and close its edges with plugs. Sand will be a kind of indicator of the heating of the pipe and will prevent the occurrence of cracks during bending. Place the tube in a vice. Heat the place of the alleged bend with a blowtorch. Bending the pipe is possible only after reaching a certain temperature. It is possible to determine the sufficient heating by smoldering of the paper brought to the heated place. When conditions become suitable, you can easily bend the pipe.

    Profile pipes

    Profile pipes are often used for the manufacture of greenhouses, arbors. And in this case it is impossible to do without deflections. We offer you several ways to bend a profile pipe.

    If you are doing well with the design, try the first simple option. For its implementation will require only Bulgarian and welding machine. Mark the bend and calculate its radius. Now the grinder make three cuts: in the places of the beginning of the bend, the maximum deflection and the end of the bend. You can make a drawing on paper and measure at what distance there are three values ​​from each other.After this procedure, the pipe will flex easily. All sawn places are welded and ground.

    The second method is suitable for those people who started construction work in the midst of a frosty winter. Fill the inner space of the pipe with cold water, pre-plugging the lower hole with the plug, and after filling the upper one. Expose it to the frost and wait for the water to freeze. Then pierce the place of the alleged bend with a blowtorch. The pipe will bend easily without cracks and tears.

    The third method is very similar to the one that we recommended to use for metal pipes. Only in this case, the sand is first heated and then poured into the pipe. If you do not have suitable plugs, use wooden wedges.

    The fourth method is also associated with sand. In addition to it, you will need a mallet, wedges and vice. Fill the pipe with sand, cover the holes with wedges and vise. Mark the place of the bend and hit it with a mallet. With sufficient force of impact, any pipe will succumb.

    Aluminum Pipes

    From dense wire make by winding on something square or round spring (depending on the cross-section of the pipe), slightly smaller than the cross-section of the pipe. This spring will protect the pipe from deformation. Heat it on an open fire and place it in a pipe.Using a long wire, move it to the bend. Bend the tube. For more accurate work, use a metal disc of a suitable diameter.

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