• How to behave in the process of childbirth

    Period of labor

    The first period of labor is characterized by contractions, each of which impairs the blood supply to the fetus, and the woman also needs a deep breath. At the same time, it is necessary to control your breathing, breathing during the fight deeply, evenly and calmly - this helps the child to cope with hypoxia and slightly reduces pain. With each breath, the air must flow freely into the lungs, filling the top of the chest, and it is easy to exhale. To do convulsive strained breaths with jog exhausts categorically impossible.
    If the diaphragm is high due to pregnancy, the woman will not be able to breathe deeply - in this case, the doctor will show other ways to relax.
    During labor contractions, a woman in labor may be in a different position - some prefer to walk, others stand (if there are no medical contraindications). The ideal solution is to lie on your side with your knees bent slightly and gently stroking the lower abdomen as you inhale and exhale.It will perfectly help with contractions and acupressure - for this you need to press the tips of your thumbs on the points located along the thighs, producing a slight vibration with your fingers. In the event of vomiting, which often occurs in women in the first stage of labor, you should not panic - just take a few sips of water and calm down.

    Period of birth

    In the second stage of labor, a woman in labor is transferred to Rodzal, where she can independently manage the attempts, and the midwives will only control their effectiveness. Almost all women at this stage feel a strong distention in the vaginal area. The painfulness of the attempts depends largely on the correctness of the posture and the attempts themselves. To minimize pain, you need to lie down on the generic table, slightly lift the shoulders, put your feet on the table surface and grab his handrails on his hands.
    In the process of trying, you need to take a deep breath, hold your breath, squeeze your lips tightly and tighten, directing pressure exclusively on the pelvic area.
    After the attempts, you should relax and breathe as deeply as possible without holding your breath while inhaling. When the head of the newborn will pass through the pelvis,you need to push as hard as possible - after its appearance from the vagina, the midwife will perform all the manipulations necessary to protect the muscles of the perineum from rupture. At the same time, it is necessary to follow all its instructions exactly and restrain the arising reflex by relaxing and breathing through the mouth without inhalation delays.

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