• How to become more popular vkontakte?

    Yana Merichenko
    Yana Merichenko
    November 17, 2014
    How to become more popular vkontakte?

    Today, many can not live a day to not visit the popular network Vkontakte. She has become an integral part of life. Here you want not only to communicate with friends and learn about them something new, but also to enjoy great popularity. In contrast to the real world, to become more popular Vkontakte, do not need a lot of money, communication, anyone can prove himself and succeed. For this you need to follow certain tips.

    High quality avatar

    Be sure to take care of the choice of photos on the avatar. If it is bright, interesting, it will attract many visitors to the page. For girls, the easiest option is to install a photo in a bathing suit, underwear, but this will not always work as expected. Too candid shots will attract people with indecent offers. It is better to publish more modest photos with a neutral tone. To create them, you can contact a professional photographer.

    Interesting information about yourself

    To become more popular in VC, it is important to correctly fill out the questionnaire without banal and annoying phrases. An interesting, true story about yourself, hobbies, non-fictional events will attract the attention of a large circle of users who will become new friends.

    Group creation

    Each person has a hobby, a favorite activity, which is given a lot of time. This may be sports, handicrafts, dancing, fashion and more. If you create a group and share with others your success in a particular area, then like-minded people will surely respond, increasing your popularity. Only you need to constantly engage in the development of the group - add new interesting information, photos, comments, then subscribers will regularly visit the page, add to friends.

    In addition, there are other ways:

    • become a freak;
    • communicate more with friends and add new ones;
    • keep your blog on the page;
    • show your creativity;
    • make fake page.

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