• How to become an individual?

    November 4, 2014
    How to become an individual?

    The style of a person is determined by the selection of clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup. All this together creates a unique image of a woman. Today we will talk about women, because the representatives of the weaker sex have traditionally paid more attention to their appearance. Every girl wants her style to be unique, original. Unfortunately, girls often copy images of pop stars and movies, and it does not always look interesting. Today we will talk about how to find your unique style and how to become an individual. Make it not so difficult, you just need to take the time to be loved

    How to become an individual: tips

    • Your image should match your inner state. You should not be guided only by fashion and prestige. For example, not everyone feels comfortable in mini-skirts and stunning heels. If you feel constrained and uncomfortable, then your image will be spoiled, no matter how beautiful you are.If you like informal clothes - ripped jeans, sneakers, then you hardly love a strict business suit.
    • Try on different images. Browse fashion magazines, look for inspiration in movies, books, in different eras. What women admire you? How do they look? Remember: your task is not to copy someone else's style, but to choose an ideal image for yourself. Write down all that you like and what you would like to embody in your image.
    • Analyze what colors suit you. Stylists recommend navigating according to your color type: autumn, winter, summer and spring. You can come up with either warm or cold shades. Find the multicolored pieces of fabric and apply them to your face one by one. What color makes your face more fresh, bright, expressive?
    • Think about what impression you want to make: light, sophisticated or passionate, strong? Romantic? Amazon? Maybe a girl from the 30s? You can be anybody. The main thing that this image really inspired you. It is not necessary to dwell on one image - a woman can be different and unpredictable.
    • Do not limit your choice of clothes.Pay attention to accessories, hair, shoes and other details. Everything must obey the same style.

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