• How to properly bathe a young child?

    Finally, you came back from the maternity hospital, noisy and curious guests dispersed, everything gradually subsided and you were left alone with your baby. This small and beautiful creature looks at you with trusting eyes, many young mothers at such times have fears to do something wrong, accidentally harm a defenseless and tiny creature, and most of the fears concern the very first bath.

    How to turn this important procedure so that everything went smoothly, because it is important for the calm and health of your baby. Wrong behavior or panic fear of parents in such moments can lead to dislike of the crumbs for this pleasant, in fact, procedure.

    Beautiful eyes

    If you do not want to face daily tantrums and tears instead of a good mood and a pleasant pastime, then it will not be out of place to learn how to bathe a newborn baby properly. In principle, all babies like to bathe, in many ways, it will depend on the mood of the mother: if she smiles and quietly communicates with the baby, then the kid will quickly come to the idea that he is comfortable and comfortable.

    Some children love this procedure so much that they even begin to cry when they are pulled out of the water, in this case, you can allow the baby to “swim” a little more, the main thing is to ensure that the water does not cool and the baby does not freeze. Decide on when you will go swimming - before going to bed or before the last feeding. Usually after water procedures, children eat with a big appetite and fall asleep better.

    Basic bathing facilities

    In order for your water treatments to be easy and even fun, it is necessary to prepare for this carefully and in advance. Some parents prefer from the very first months to bathe the baby in a large shared bath, which, in principle, is permissible, but before that it must be thoroughly washed and well disinfected.

    But, be that as it may, it is still much more convenient to bathe the baby in a special baby bath, it is placed on a special stand, and then parents do not need to stand for 10-20 minutes of bathing, bending down, which significantly relieves the back. And the baby itself is much more comfortable and cozier in a small bath, especially since they are often equipped with special gadgets.

    Babies love these procedures.

    For example, today on sale you can find baby baths of special anatomical shape, equipped with a grooved bottom and a headrest, which will not allow the child to fully submerge under water. For these purposes, sometimes use a special rubber mat on suckers, which can be put on the bottom of the nursery or adult bath.

    There are even baby baths with special devices: holes for draining water, which helps a lot when bathing. When the baby is already growing up and will learn to sit, then you can buy a special plastic seat, stable and comfortable, which allows you to put the baby on it and not worry that it will slip out of your hands. In this position, he will be able to play, while caring mother's hands will quickly redeem him.

    A few more things you will need:

    • Children's cosmetics: soap, shampoo and cream. It is important to use it because it is made on a natural basis, hypoallergenic and does not dry the delicate skin of the baby. Shampoos and gels for adults can not be applied.
    • Thermometer for measuring water temperature. Often mothers use their own elbow for this purpose: if you put it in water and do not feel any change in temperature, then everything is fine.But still, especially at first, it is better to check the water with a thermometer, its temperature should be 36.6-37 °.
    • Soft fluffy towel or sheet.
    • Soft sponge or special napkin for soaping.
    • "Water-floating" rubber toys - entertain and develop the baby while swimming.

    Some important rules

    Many young mummies doubt about the first bathing: someone thinks that it can be started only after the umbilical wound heals, and someone remains in the opinion that this is not an obstacle.

    The case is personal, but experts recommend: if you start bathing from the first days, you must use a solution of potassium permanganate to disinfect water, and you must boil the water for the first month to destroy all bacteria and sticks. Many are interested in the question of how often it is necessary to carry out bath procedures?

    In a good way, it is necessary to bathe the children every day, if it is cold in the room, then you can simply wipe the baby doll with wet wipes.


    The depth of water in the bath should be no more than 10 cm, and if you are going to bathe your baby for the first time, then you can immerse him in water in a thin diaper, so immersion in a new world will be more comfortable for him.If you are happy parents of twins, then bathing takes a little longer: babies are either bathed in turns, but this is convenient only if they adhere to different regimes.

    Another option is to bathe both at once, but it’s definitely not enough without additional help. By the way, it is advisable to bathe one child with one another, with a dad or grandmother, not only that this process is very close, in addition, it is desirable that someone is constantly on pick up.

    Special bath

    Before bathing, lay out all the necessary things so that you do not have to run around the apartment in search of a diaper or cream. In the bathroom (or wherever you bathe the baby) put the baby soap and shampoo on your right hand, prepare the toys, and in the room spread the diaper on which you bring the baby and will wear it. Next, put the remedies for treatment after bathing - cream or powder.

    In the bathroom in the area of ​​the outstretched hand, place a large towel and a jug with clean water (for rinsing). If you want to bathe a child in a bath with herbs, then brew them in advance, but remember that they dry the baby's tender skin, and, therefore, they can be used no more often than once a week.

    How to bathe?

    • Lower the child gently into the water: grab it with your left hand at the far from you shoulder, while the back of the baby should be on your wrist. Hold the crumb under your ass with your right hand.
    • Gently one-hand soap the child, moving from the neck to the legs, my head in the last turn.
    • It does not matter whether you bathe a girl or a boy, most importantly, after the procedures, rinse the baby thoroughly with clean water from a jug, and then wrap it in a soft towel.
    • After bathing, the child does not need to be rubbed, gently pat the water from his body, pay special attention to wrinkles, if there are diaper rash or irritation somewhere, use talcum powder or powder.
    • Duration of bathing for newborns is 5-8 minutes, then the time can be increased as the child grows.
    • If you notice that after bathing the child is too dry skin, then you can use special baby creams or oils.
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