• How to assemble a tractor?

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    How to assemble a tractor?

    Tractor - a very necessary equipment in the management of the farm or business associated with the production of agricultural products. It is not always possible to purchase this equipment, but it can be assembled on its own, especially by those who have locksmith skills. So, how to assemble a tractor?

    What is required?


    • welding machine;
    • tools for working with metal.


    • metal pipes;
    • channel;
    • components from cars.

    Assembly stages

    1. The frame for the tractor is made of channel and square-shaped metal pipes, connected by welding. Dimensions are selected taking into account the layout and aggregates of the tractor: engine, transmission, suspension.
    2. On the frame is going to the tractor chassis. Next, install the transmission, power plant, front and rear axles.
    3. The engine is best taken from the loader, the best diesel with a capacity of at least 40 hp.
    4. Installing the gearbox and transfer box PTO. Placed on the frame.
    5. Installing the clutch mechanism.
    6. Strengthening the rear axle. Best suited ready unit fromtractorautocar. The bridge must be rigidly attached to the frame with four bolts. The propeller shaft is connected with a sleeve. Tires for wheels must be taken from an all-terrain vehicle.
    7. Steering, it is better to choose hydraulic, will work only when the engine is on.
    8. Connect the hinge power cylinder, which is responsible for raising and lowering guns.
    9. Making the driver's cab. For the manufacture of the cab frame fit pipes of rectangular and square cross-section, are connected by welding. Under the seat you need to put the battery. It is recommended to sheathe the cabin with soundproofing materials.

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