• How to arrange the interior of the kitchen-living room

    Zoning using texture

    Redevelopment of old apartments requires approvals at the official level and strict compliance with all building codes. But permission has been obtained, you can start creating a new interior of the combined kitchen. Connect the kitchen to the living room, turning into a single large space, you can remove the wall, and the door from the corridor to lay. A closet-case or a fridge will fit into the formed niche area.

    In this case, you need to think about the most appropriate option zoning. It can be a color distinction: wallpaper, different in color, split ceiling. As an option - a floor covering of different materials. In the kitchen, lay tiles on the floor, in the living room area make parquet or laminate. Decorate the walls in the working area with a decorative stone, it will be practical, since such material is easy to clean and is not afraid of moisture. However, it is not recommended a strong difference in color, it is necessary to observe a single style, because it is one room.

    Zoning with decorative elements

    Decorative zones, such as a bar, a small threshold, a podium, steps, will help to mark the zones. To illuminate the working area and recreation area, use different lighting fixtures, in the living room there will be enough soft pritenennogo light from sconces, table lamps, in the kitchen it will be appropriate to have bright daylight.

    The quickest and most rational way to combine a living room with a kitchen is to cut a wide opening that will divide the room into two zones. The remaining part of the wall with the help of drywall and other finishing materials can be made a decorative art object in the interior of the kitchen-living room. Spectacular design technique - installation of a glass partition, partitions with climbers. The interior of the kitchen-living room should create the feeling of a single space, because it was precisely for this reason that the restructuring was started.

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