• How to arrange land for rent?

    Land is good to use for the construction of houses, garden-cottage, for the construction of business objects. But for what you do not need it, you need to know how to arrange the land for rent, otherwise it may happen that the land will not be yours, and the money paid for its use will not be returned to you.

    What is the rental

    So, a few words about the lease. Buying land is very expensive, so it is more profitable and practical to rent it. Long-term lease assumes up to 49 years, and short-term up to 5 years. These types of rentals have slightly different paperwork procedures. Before starting all actions on this issue, it is necessary to clearly imagine that the process is not quick and not at all simple. That is why agencies that do all these things for you are flourishing. Many people prefer to entrust them to specialists.

    Clearance procedure

    The conclusion of the land lease agreement raises many questions and contains many nuances. You need to find out about them in those local governments that work in your locality.


    The first thing you will encounter is the passage of the auction.This is an auction for your site. In order for it to be legal, it is necessary that at least two bidders participate in it, who will submit a package of documents and assign their price. In the process of the auction itself, which your representative is required to attend, all bidders have the right to increase the price. Preference is given to those who have appointed a higher cost, have correctly issued documents, or have capital buildings on this site. The owner of such a building gets the right to conclude a lease for 49 years, others for 5 years, if the land is on the border with common areas, the contract is concluded for a year.

    Land survey

    If you won the auction, then proceed to the next stage. You will need to undergo a land survey, which is performed by a specialized organization. There may be several of them in your city; choose the one with a good reputation, the shortest terms and an acceptable price. Also, another profile firm will draw up a plan for you, indicate the level of groundwater on it, stay above sea level, you will submit all these data to the authorities upon permission of the lease. Then the land administration of your municipality gives you a rental permit. If in the process of renting you have any other conditions, then you can make additional agreements to the lease agreement.

    Your contract is subject to mandatory registration with government agencies, if it is made for a period longer than 1 year.

    Some nuances

    In any case, all questions on how to arrange land for rent will be answered by specialists of your settlement, because the rules of this design are different in different regions. The only option is the possibility of buying out the leased land from the owner. During the rental period, you can prepare the purchase documentation and become the owner. This will allow you to start capital construction on the leased area without a “mind” at the end of the lease term. If you are not a citizen of Russia, then you can not do it. Your exit in this case is only a long-term lease. This is also a single rule for all subjects of the Russian Federation.

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