• How to level the plot?

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    How to level the plot?

    The plot in the country is only occasionally represented by a flat surface. Most often, their owners have to deal with serious differences in the landscape (there are high hills and large holes). Therefore, there is a need to align the plot. Let's talk about how to do it right.

    Site preparation for leveling

    Before leveling the plot in the country, it is necessary to carry out a series of preparatory work. They are as follows:

    1. Clean the area from grass, thorns and shrubs, as well as from fallen leaves and debris.
    2. Divide the dacha territory into 9 equal parts and mark it with stakes.
    3. Then pull the rope on them. But do it on the same level so that you can see which plots of land have bumps.

    Align area

    After completing the preparatory work, you can move on to the main ones, which are as follows:

    1. Determine where on the site there are bumps. Then remove them with a spade. The earth which remained after leveling of hillocks, fill up in holes in the country territory.If it is not enough, you will need to purchase a primer.
    2. Now take a cultivator and walk it around the site, do it twice - far and wide.
    3. Next, treat the soil with a rake several times.
    4. At the final stage, you will need to take a barrel, pour rubble and sand into it, and then fill it with water and securely plug it. So weighting projectile need to go around the site. This will allow you to create not only a perfectly flat surface, but also to carefully tamp the sand. As a result, even after the spring floods, the soil will be able to retain its shape.

    Important nuances

    If you want to create a fertile layer on the plot, but the soil on it is of poor quality, then it is recommended to use purchased good soil for backfilling pits. Also from it you will need to form the top layer. Its thickness should be at least 40 cm.

    If the soil on the site is too clay, then it is recommended to buy sand. It must be scattered throughout the villa territory. After that, proceed to the treatment area with a rake and cultivator. As a result, the ground will be thoroughly mixed with sand and will acquire a more dense structure.

    If your site has a large size, then without the involvement of special equipment you can not do. Otherwise, such a job will take you a very long time (from several weeks to 2-4 months). So, the alignment of the soil can be done with the help of a tractor, but first it will be necessary to designate bumps and pits on it. The final alignment must be done with a grader or bulldozer.

    After your site has an ideal surface, you can think about what buildings and landings to do on it.

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