• How to add a filter to photoshop

    You will need
    • Installed Adobe Photoshop.
    First make sure the filter is ready for installation. If it is in the archive, unpack it into a folder that will be easy for you to find on your computer. Examine the text documents attached to the filter. In some cases, they already contain step-by-step installation instructions. There are also other important information in them, for example, information for activating a filter. Examine the files of the plugin itself.
    If the filter is a file with the extension .exe (setup.exe, install.exe), it means that it will be installed automatically. Click on the icon of such a file to launch the “Installation Wizard”. Follow the instructions, clicking on the request button "Next" until the installation is complete. The filter will be installed in the default directory.
    As a rule, the “Installation Wizard” independently finds the path to the graphic editor and determines its version. If this does not happen, click on the query during the installation, click on the Browse button and specify the path to the Adobe Photoshop program.
    If the filter you choose consists of just one or more files in 8bf format, you will have to add them yourself to the desired directory. Open the folder with the Adobe Photoshop editor installed, by default it is installed on the C drive. Find the Plug-ins subfolder and copy the files with the .8bf extension into it. The path might look like this: C: \ Program Files \ Photoshop \ Plug-ins or C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Photoshop \ Plug-ins. Installed filters will appear in the appropriate editor menu after running Photoshop.

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